[Owasp-board] Fwd: question about our Committee name

dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Wed Feb 11 12:53:20 UTC 2009

Following the email below, all current *Global Tools and Projects Committee
*members agree on a name change to *Global Projects Committee*

Any objections from you?

If not, I will trigger the process of renaming the mailing list and wiki


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From: dinis cruz <dinis.cruz at owasp.org>
Date: 2009/2/11
Subject: question about our Committee name
To: global_tools_and_project_committee at lists.owasp.org

Hey guys,

Instead of Global Tools and Project Committee, shouldn't we be called *Global
Projects Committee*?

At the moment it seems that the OWASP Documents projects are 2nd class
citizens! :(

Another alternative would be to call us *Global Tools and Documents
Committee,* but the problem is that (more and more) there are a couple of
projects that don't fit on the Tools or Documents category

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