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FYI, Leo's comment

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I agree with all that except by the european weather in January :(

Regarding host the summit in Brazil, its chapter is organizing the first
Brasilian conference this year and I believe it'll be a good exercise for a
possible summit next year.


Leo Cavallari

On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 9:38 PM, dinis cruz <dinis.cruz at owasp.org> wrote:

> We just finished the GPnT call and here are the main points related to the
> Summit:
>    - January is a good time since :
>       - it gives some more time for the projects to complete (SoC 10
>       deadline is the US conference, so it will be Nov 09)
>       - it is a slow month, so it should be easier for people to attend
>       - it allow us to set the Agenda for 2010 at the Summit, and maybe
>       even release a couple of Key projects there (OWASP Top 10 2010?)
>       - Regarding the location, the proposed location is the same as last
>    year (St.Eulalia, Algarve, Portugal), since
>    - We have all logistical issues sorted out (Travel, Hotel, Food,
>       Conference facilities, Cost per person, etc...)
>       - It fits our budget (2000 USD per head for ALL expenses)
>       - Paulo and me (Dinis) will take responsibility for it
>       - Allows us to build on the media/university relationships we
>       created last year and aim to have much bigger local, European and WorldWide
>       coverage
>       - Given the importance of the Summit, we can't afford for any major
>       logistical problems, so any proposal for hosting it elsewhere needs to:
>          - Have the personal backing and involvement of a Board Member
>          (and the Projects and Tools Committee since the Summit is in partly 'owned'
>          by that Committee)
>          - Be made by an organization team with proven track record in
>          organizing OWASP Conferences
>          - Contain detailed analysis of :
>             - Summit Costs (so that the average conference attendee cost
>             is 2000 USD)
>             - Travel plans for the multiple geographical locations that
>             the participants will travel from (note that the plan for the next Summit in
>             Portugal is to only have flights to Lisbon and have the travel agency
>             arrange for them to get to the venue by Car/Bus/Train. We are also going to
>             be able to book the flights much earlier so we should be able to get good
>             flights.This time around the priority will be to minimize the travel time of
>             the participants)
>             - Confirmation that most (possible) attendees can travel to
>             that location
>             - Note that I have no problem in hosting a Summit in Brazil
>          (I'm the first one to want to go there :) ), BUT, remember that most of
>          those dots were placed by the brazilian guys, and that whoever wants to host
>          it there must come up with the detailed analysis I mentioned above. So If
>          there is serious motivation to do it there, then let them present their
>          plans at the next summit.
>          - One interesting idea that was discussed was *to host 1 or 2
>    days of meetings at the next OWASP US conference (and maybe even the next
>    one in EU)*. In the US, we could use this time to have: a)
>    Presentations about the completed SoC 10 projects, b) Committee's meetings
>    and c) several Working Sessions on relevant topics (remember that the OWASP
>    US/EU conferences are usually atended by very well respected AppSec people)
>       - These meetings would have the same format as the Summit, and could
>       occur on the Training days.
>       - As a practical example of the value of these sessions, since most
>       Summit participants will also be at this conference, we should spend a
>       couple hours with them to prepare the Summit work scheadule/agenda (since
>       now we know we CAN work at OWASP Summits, we need to make sure we maximize
>       our productivity while we are together during that week)
> Dinis Cruz
> 2009/2/9 Dave Wichers <dave.wichers at owasp.org>
>> I agree that pushing it into Q1 is the better idea.
>> -Dave
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>> Q4 is always the worst for many - I suggest Q1 or January.
>> Are we going to Brazil based on all those green dots of attendees on the
>> wall or Portugal again? I vote Brazil or Hawaii :)
>> Any questions, give me a call at 973-202-0122
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