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Looks good to me.  Thanks for all the hard work on this.


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Any edits to this folks before Kate sending this out to OWASP-ALL on
Monday to kick off the membership drive?

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Here is some draft text I put together based on Tom's original email to
the OWASP-Leaders list.  The thinking is that Jeff or another Board
member can just take this and send to OWASP-All on Monday for the formal
announcement.  Please feel free to edit/modify/add as desired.




A tremendous amount of effort and care has built OWASP Foundation since
2001 and as we start 2009 the spotlight to lead the application security
charge.  Worldwide people and peer organizations are utilizing OWASP
guides, tools and attending local chapters events and conferences to
hear about OWASP projects and connecting with peers. Collectively we are
a respected and professional association with a unified voice of peers
with a wisdom of crowds.

In 2009+ your continued volunteerism efforts and the external support of
individual membership/supporters enable OWASP Foundation Inc., to
continue the mission in raising visibility of application security. As a
result of the working with members and supporters worldwide I am pleased
to officially unveil the foundation approved 2009 OWASP membership model
for 2009.

FULL DETAILS where else... but the OWASP WIKI ;)  see:

Requests to join OWASP Foundation as a organization of peers and in a
professional manner have also risen. Today there are over 2500 on the
Linked'In business networking group close to 10,000 persons on
mailing lists and local chapters attendance is on the rise.

For formal memberships we have actually reduced the individual
membership fees by 50% to $50.00 USD for a "individual" 12 month
membership.  New members receive a new member pack with their membership
card and certificate, an OWASP DVD, t-shirt, pen and tote bag.
Individual members also receive 10% off OWASP conferences.

For organizations being publicly recognized as an  "OWASP Supporter"
requires only a donation of $5000.00 USD. This category is also 100%
non-profit tax deductible donation.

In addition, Universities can become University Supporters by providing
space for OWASP meetings twice per year and agreeing to include OWASP
materials in their curriculum.  University supporters get their logos on
the OWASP website.

OWASP has grown tremendously over the past years and, with help from our
Members we can continue that growth.

Tom Brennan
Board Member
OWASP Foundation
Tel: 973-795-1046 x112
Url: www.owasp.org
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