[Owasp-board] List Moderation?

Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Tue Oct 28 15:14:24 UTC 2008

Is freedom of speech dead at OWASP on OWASP-LEADERS? If yes, we have a BIG problem and governance issue.  If we allow this type of global censorship to take place the result is bad for everyone. 

I request fellow board members agree that this moderation should be lifted ASAP we're not China and should not act like it - we're OPEN right? 

Are we open to ideas statements and input from anyone running a OWASP Chapter in the world hence why they are on this list. (If they are not a leader... Take them off the list!!).

If there must be moderation (I don't think there should ever be) then ALL 5 board members need to have the same ability to review/approve/reject posts if the "board has final control" then the entire board must have it censorship is bad.

When do we strip a chapter leader of the privilege of being on the owasp-leaders list with his peers and his chapter? Does this happen when he does ___________________ (where is that written in our rules....)

The owasp-leader community should be people that are mostly progressive chapter leaders. Other leaders will self vet the garbage posts and rambles of individuals and if required we the majority can kick someone off the list based on violations of the ethics policy (yea we need to create that too)  I see it as actually GOOD if a "leader" posts a non-professional post. This written word is his and provides a window into future vetting of views and perceptions from individuals around the world on the mission of OWASP.  Without naming names... Based on posts over the last 12 months I have a short list of people that I want to talk with human to human in Portugal and ask WTF to some of the statements made in emails and thru the grapevine and I want to encourage others that run chapters that just listen and watch... and never post to become more interactive - can't do that with blind moderation

Dave/Larry - How many individuals or emails are actually on the owasp-leaders list?

Seeing that the owasp-board list is not moderated <grin> discussion?

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Yes. Jeff put a moderation filter in place. And I assume he's planning to do
the moderation at this point. There are 7 messages in the queue at this


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Is the OWASP-LEADERS list currently being moderated? I was told that emails
sent to it are not getting out. I also sent a email to it at 12:00 last
night... nothing.

Please review and release/lift moderation if so or kick the process

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