[Owasp-board] I broke it...

Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Tue Oct 28 01:31:55 UTC 2008

Larry, BEFORE I put the video on www.owasp.org in the correct spot, I simply
tested a edit on the main page... it appears that this broke the banner ad
on owasp.org... I quickly found this was not the place to make the edit..
And rolled back. still broken... 

Found the right place to make the edit for the main page.

Banner still broken, need to ask for HELP from wikimaster to fix this.


P.S. - I think the keynote is something cool and visual and will help
provide a human element of what OWASP is about using the keynote.  Hope
everyone likes it on the home page.   If nothing else we should think of
recording a "What is OWASP" introduction video in the future.  If someone
brings a video cam to Portugal we can do it over a frozen drink with
Hawaiian shirts on "now wouldn't that be special hmmmmmmmmmm" ok maybe to
much sat., night live church lady but you get it. 

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