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dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Mon Oct 27 17:53:00 UTC 2008

I also agree that filming would be something we should definitely do for the

   -  It would give us a 15m presentation about each project that is being
   presented at the conference part (this would also make the presenters focus
   much more on what they are presenting and allow for to maximize the
   investment made)
   - Would allow us to record some of the smaller training sessions (which
   again would be an amazing resource to our members)
   - It would give extra focus and pressure to the Working Sessions that we
   decide to film, and I specially like the fact that for some Working Sessions
   we could have an 'on-the-record' 1h sessions
   - From the feedback we have from NYC (and the viewing numbers of the
   videos should be the final proof), these videos are a great way to add value
   to our community and (again) to maximize the return of those presentations
   - The price these guys are giving us is a very good one (and I don't mind
   if they stick a couple-seconds advert in front of it)

The only prob is that I don't have any budget from the Summit original -150k
to spend on this.

So I vote YES as long as this expense is marked as 'OWASP Board direct
expense' and not as a 'OWASP Summit EU' expense.

Tom and Seba, can you vote again (taking into account that the budget is
coming centrally)

Final comment on the Budget, at last count (using Kate's numbers) we were on
400k in the bank (with already 100k from the summit paid), so we can easily
afford this (even assuming another 50kish from the summit and another 50kish
for the remaining of the SoC payments)


2008/10/24 Seba <seba at owasp.org>

> absolutely!
> On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 9:18 PM, Tom Brennan <tomb at owasp.org> wrote:
>> Should we invest in filiming the summit? See below
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>> Subject: filming in portugal...
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>> hey dinis,
>> sorry on the delay on getting back to you on filming the owasp
>> portugal... i 'am' able, and interested in helping you, and there's
>> only a few details... Airfare is 'still' rather affordable, so that
>> shouldn't be a problem... If you would be able to provide some
>> 'volunteer help' to assist me at the event, I can film the entire
>> conference for 'about' US$4,000, all inclusive of airfare,
>> accommodations, travel, labor, supplies, processing the video, and
>> then posting it to google video (as with NYC2008)... I said 'about',
>> because there's some 'unknown variables', ie: rising airfare, paid
>> help, possible foreign work permits, visas, etc... So, in reality $5k
>> is the maximum it would cost, but a bare-bones price of $4k is a more
>> reasonable expectation...
>> So, if that works out okay for you, i'd be happy to come on board...
>> otherwise, i can still help you try and find someone locally, etc...
>> ---
>> 1) i have some questions about the event... i understand it's two
>> days of training, a day of working groups, and 2 days of the
>> conference... I also note that while the 'conference' portion is  "5
>> sessions", it's really just '2 tracks', plus the business track for
>> each (of 2) days. So, technically the conference portion is 'only in
>> three rooms' that need to be recorded? correct?
>> 2) are there any sessions being presented in a foreign language
>> (besides english)?
>> 3) if possible, i would suggest filming everything we can, including
>> some of the trainings and working groups. Usually what i prefer to do
>> with 'proprietary trainings', is to delay their release for at least
>> a year (to prevent a monetary conflict from preventing signups next
>> year, etc), but i still think they should be captured, if the
>> instructors agree...
>> Call me if you have any other questions,
>> Ted Strain
>> www.MediaArchives.com
>> 1-562-427-2787 (pacific time zone)
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