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> Should we invest in filiming the summit? See below
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> hey dinis,
> sorry on the delay on getting back to you on filming the owasp
> portugal... i 'am' able, and interested in helping you, and there's
> only a few details... Airfare is 'still' rather affordable, so that
> shouldn't be a problem... If you would be able to provide some
> 'volunteer help' to assist me at the event, I can film the entire
> conference for 'about' US$4,000, all inclusive of airfare,
> accommodations, travel, labor, supplies, processing the video, and
> then posting it to google video (as with NYC2008)... I said 'about',
> because there's some 'unknown variables', ie: rising airfare, paid
> help, possible foreign work permits, visas, etc... So, in reality $5k
> is the maximum it would cost, but a bare-bones price of $4k is a more
> reasonable expectation...
> So, if that works out okay for you, i'd be happy to come on board...
> otherwise, i can still help you try and find someone locally, etc...
> ---
> 1) i have some questions about the event... i understand it's two
> days of training, a day of working groups, and 2 days of the
> conference... I also note that while the 'conference' portion is  "5
> sessions", it's really just '2 tracks', plus the business track for
> each (of 2) days. So, technically the conference portion is 'only in
> three rooms' that need to be recorded? correct?
> 2) are there any sessions being presented in a foreign language
> (besides english)?
> 3) if possible, i would suggest filming everything we can, including
> some of the trainings and working groups. Usually what i prefer to do
> with 'proprietary trainings', is to delay their release for at least
> a year (to prevent a monetary conflict from preventing signups next
> year, etc), but i still think they should be captured, if the
> instructors agree...
> Call me if you have any other questions,
> Ted Strain
> www.MediaArchives.com
> 1-562-427-2787 (pacific time zone)
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