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I don't do lists :)
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Hi Tom!

Hope you're great. FYI I'm still on this email list.


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First, to introduce myself - I'm new to this list, as I just took over
OWASP Northern Virginia from Stan Wisseman, who has provided great
leadership for the past several years.  I recently  joined Cigital as
one of the lead consultants in our federal business (along with Sean
Barnum, whom many of you know).  I've been doing security for 20+
years, and have long regretted a mistake I made about 7 years ago,
when I declined to be on the board for the then-nascent OWASP
organization....  You guys have done great things, and I've admired
from afar.

Anyway, some thoughts on this thread.  I agree with James that a
Federal event would be a great thing.  I'm sure Cigital would be happy
to help organize, and perhaps even get some of our government
customers to talk.  Learning to speak the same language as our
government customers is critical for all of us, both to advance our
Cause, and to help us advance our Businesses.


On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 1:59 PM, McGovern, James F (HTSC, IT)
<James.McGovern at thehartford.com> wrote:
>  An OWASP Federal Event would be huge. One of the things that I think
> could help expand the target are panel sessions between us corporate
> types and the federal types. Right now, we have no forum to exchange
> information and are pretty much insular within our stovepipes. Imagine
> the possibilities of we could unify security thinking in this regard.
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> Eduardo Neves; Nish Bhalla; McGovern, James F (HTSC, IT)
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> Subject: RE: [Owasp-leaders] OWASP AppSec Executive Summit
> I hate to let the cat out of the bag, but since you mention it, the DC
> chapter leads are in the brainstorming phase of an "OWASP Federal"
> conference discussion.  We'll update as we progress.
> But regarding your overall message, there is a balance to be found
> between fun and work.  I agree that we need to keep it loose and
> enjoyable, but in order to meet the mission of OWASP, we do want to
> reach as wide an audience as possible.  Doing so is most easily
> accomplished by taking a top-down approach.  Talking to fellow security
> professionals is preaching to the choir - we need bigger targets, IMO.
> I'm not suggesting a December in Detroit conference, but I think some
> consideration should be given to finding an enjoyable, but reasonable,
> location.
> I like Eduardo's location of a dreary city like Curitiba.  Besides, with
> my pale complexion and red hair, I can use all the cloud cover I can
> get. ;)
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