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Tue Oct 21 21:03:29 UTC 2008

I would chime... But I think Dave Wichers has a more historical and future view as the conference chair. 

Daily I am getting emails from happy people who like the videos online... So this should be part of our events as much as possible, it breaks the commercial mold of conferences and raises visibility of the solutions and problems

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Subject: RE: Expense Management for NYC Event

Today, I attended a one-day event sponsored by the CT Java SIG (http://www.ctjava.org/) <http://www.ctjava.org/)>  that in many ways mirrors what I was noodling. The Java SIG lead (Ryan) was able to put together two-tracks (I spoke at one of them on security) all by himself. I of course have access to resources that he doesn't and won't struggle with securing space.

Next week in Stamford, the .NET crowd will be having a codecamp. The one thing that I can't seem to get an opinion on is the financial model I should be pursuing. Some folks are cost conscious and like conferences for free. This of course has many pros and cons. The pros are that it doesn't require me to deal with figuring out how to collect money but has a side effect of establishing a precedence that may harm other events. 

Tom, it would be great if you could chime in with your opinion on this matter on the chapter leaders list and share some philosophies we should have regarding regional events and the financial model behind them. This begs the question of how OWASP should raise money whether through individual fees, strictly vendor sponsors or some hybrid. I have no clue as to the target.

NOTE: It seems as if all events in CT tend to be free but am unaware of how this works in other metros.

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 Subject: RE: Expense Management for NYC Event
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 Hi James,
 We don't break down our expenses into separate categories. I looked through
 expenses for past conferences though, and below are the main categories I
 could think of:
 Travel Reimbursements
 Shirts, Books, Pens, etc.
 Hopefully that helps!
 Alison Shrader
 9175 Guilford Road, Suite 300
 Columbia, MD 21046
 alison.shrader at owasp.org
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 Subject: RE: Expense Management for NYC Event
 We usually try to keep the income separate (like conference, training, and
 sponsors), but I don't think we do much about separating out the various
 expenses. We try to keep things fairly simple.
 Alison, do we do much in that regard? If we do, can you provide James with
 the breakdown you use for tracking conference expenses?
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 Subject: Re: Expense Management for NYC Event
 Hi James, You can get that from Alison/Dave as they keep the records from a
 accounting point of view. This will also be posted to the website when done
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 Subject: Expense Management for NYC Event
 Sent: Oct 19, 2008 7:06 PM
 As you are aware, I am attempting to figure out the notion of an IT
 Executive Summit. I was hoping that you could share a cost breakdown of all
 the expenses that OWASP needed to account for such that I don't forget
 anything in my planning. I am still noodling an event in the May timeframe.
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