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Dinis wrote:

(remember what happened with the stuff recorded in San Jose? Exactly! where
is it? MIA as far as I can tell).


Michelle has the tapes of SJ.  You want to get the same guy to produce them
and get them online?




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I currently have the tapes as it came back to me because we were going to
have Alison work on them when we finally got it from the guy in CA but this
was when she decided to stop working full time so it hasn't been touched.
Dave and I are actually working on possibly getting the video guy from this
year's conference to take care of the video and getting it posted online.
Is this the same guy you were thinking of?




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Hey - do any of you know what happened with the video from San Jose???  I
think we've got some people who could help get that stuff online finally.





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I have to say that I don't see a major problem with that small add in the
beginning (the only little issue I have is with some of the text and its
design (but that can be easily changed). It is only a couple seconds, can be
easily skipped and it makes sense (this is how I think the typical user will
read this "hey these guys gave OWASP a better deal and now I get all this
content to see").


If we are able to burn all this into DVDs and give it to our members, I
think the add should stay. And 10k is not the best price in the world, but
assuming that everything was recorded ok (with good image and sound
quality), it is a good price for 2 days worth of content (remember what
happened with the stuff recorded in San Jose? Exactly! where is it? MIA as
far as I can tell).


I also think that these guys should be able to sell those DVDs for 9.99 USD
(as long as the content is still available online and we can distribute it
to our members (or put it on a lulu book together with the ppts and (when
available) conference papers)



2008/10/8 Tom Brennan <tomb at owasp.org>

Comments (see below) - we do NOT have a signed agreement with this vendor

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i asked blake to check the sound, he said they seem to work fine on his end,
also, here, on both mac and pc, they 'all' play sound fine... can you name a
couple of the titles that are giving you problems, and i'll look into it...


so, by removing the ad page, does that mean i don't get any credit at all
for recording the event?  isn't there a way to modify that page to conform
to your non-profit mission... keeping in mind the original agreement we came
up with was that i would help you guys 'give it away' by posting and
uploading to some of the most popular video sites, but i would 'also' be
able to distribute, sell, market the material on my own, after the event,
and in the future...

i do understand that owasp would prefer that i not sell, or have 'anyone'
otherwise profit from the content, and i thought we came to an understanding
on this a couple months ago, the response i had, was that 'without' the
profit motive (even at a reduced price, of let's say $9.95 a disk), in the
long run, you would be 'severely' limiting the 'distribution and
dissemination' of the material, ie: they won't show up on amazon, they won't
be purchasable at your local barnes & noble, itunes won't carry them in
their store; resellers, etailers, retailers, electronic distributors, media
partners, advertisers, mobile carriers, video aggregators, none of them will
touch it, without some kind of profit 'food chain'... the skies the limit in
new media right now, there's more to life than google video...

also keep in mind that the 'spirit of' the creative commons agreement we
selected ( http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ ) absolutely
allows 'anyone' to "alter, transform, or build upon the content," and to
distribute it (even for a profit), as long as the license remains intact and
'attributed'... so, even under the cc/by/sa we used, i should be legit... i
thought i made this perfectly clear, in both our discussions, and in the
agreement we had (which i will resend shortly under a separate cover)...

so, should i create two sets of masters? a 'santized' owasp version, and a
media archives version? or can we modify that page?

i'll stop the uploads, leave today, home in 3 days, and then they should
start showing up again by next monday.. but i leave for a show on the 16th
(thurs), back home the next monday, when i can continue the process... I
would guess they'd be about 1/2 way posted by the 16th, complete by the

if we did them without the titles, they could probably all be posted and
re-tagged by the 16th...

> As of now we have just the keynote on owasp.org that does not have the AD
and daily emails asking for content from members, some of the others on the
test media archives site do not have sound....
> What is the ETA on removing the commercial AD page and re-delivery of the
final product on masters and google video?
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