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Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Fri Oct 3 15:07:32 UTC 2008

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the message.  I'm sorry that you didn't receive the CFP or other
information about our events.  I'm really surprised, since we tried to reach
everyone we possibly could.  Are you subscribed to any of the OWASP mailing
lists?  I'm certain that the conference CFP and other announcements went to
all of them. We did press releases and blog postings and used other avenues
to reach as many as we could. Maybe a spam filter caught them?

All of the presentation and materials will be made available. The slides
will be linked to the agenda - it just takes us a week or two to get all the
presenters to send them in.
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_NYC_AppSec_2008_Conference. I know Adam
is continuing his research in this area. You can contact read his blog
http://aboulton.blogspot.com or just contact him directly Adam Boulton
[adamboulton at gmail.com]. 

We will also be making ALL the videos of all the presentations available on
the new http://www.owasp.tv.  The keynote is already available

I want to make sure that you've heard about our next event in Portugal. It's
a little different, since it will mostly focus on OWASP projects and
research, and less on attracting OWASP end user organizations.

I really appreciate the feedback. Please try to remember that OWASP is
almost entirely run by volunteers (who all have full time demanding jobs)
and that we take 100% of the membership money and issue it as grants back to
the research community. There are some great projects being funded in our
Summer of Code 2008

Thanks for your support, and I hope you'll decide to stay involved.  Please
feel free to contact me directly to discuss anything related to appsec or


Jeff Williams, Chair
The OWASP Foundation
work: 410-707-1487
main: 301-604-4882

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since two or three months I am OWASP member and I am a bit unhappy with 
communications with OWASP. As a security researcher (with a well-known
history of web application middleware hacking exploits such as Java, 
J2EE) I would have expected to be informed about conferences 
and CFP via mails. Unfortunately this did not happen. Also it is 
unclear how to access slide material from OWASP conferences. 
Take the latest "Security Assessing Java RMI" talk for example, the official
page lists some generic FUD items but does not allow to generate 
knowledge from that, meaning to find out if the techniques described 
in the talk go beyond the method hash guessing approach which is known 
since a couple of years.  
I am a bit in doubt whether I will extend my OWASP membership, 
but maybe you can convince me otherwise and point me to the 
ressources and answers to my questions :) 


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