[Owasp-board] Past due Invoices on PRNewswire Account, #936875

Alison McNamee alison.mcnamee at owasp.org
Thu Oct 2 13:54:08 UTC 2008

This was already paid in full this Monday (after several emails about the
invoice last week)...so they will have to process a refund to us.

Alison Shrader
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alison.shrader at owasp.org

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From: Tom Brennan [mailto:tomb at owasp.org] 
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Subject: FW: Past due Invoices on PRNewswire Account, #936875
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Kate/Alison looks like this is for the annual membership to PR Newswire as
well as the 1 press release we did announcing the NYC AppSec conference.  

DO NOT PAY THIS - I have called PR News this morning and they are making
some adjustments to the bill and only charging us for the US distro not
global (new invoice forthcoming)

You can process as normal the $195 bill for the annual membership to the
overall OWASP marketing expences but hold off until we get a new invoice
before we debit the conference.

Any questions simply call 973-795-1046 x112

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From: Angie.Christian at prnewswire.com [mailto:Angie.Christian at prnewswire.com]

Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008 9:19 AM
To: tomb at owasp.org
Subject: Past due Invoices on PRNewswire Account, #936875
Importance: High

Mr. Brennan,

Our records show a past due balance of $6125.00.  The account is 200 days
outstanding.  We must request immediate remittance to clear this balance.

Payments can be made via credit card by calling (201) 360-6037 or (888)
776-0941.  If a payment has already been processed please provide payment
details such as; check number, date check mailed and amount.  If not, please
call immediately to discuss why payment has not been remitted.

If you have any questions or need further assistance please call.  We look
forward to your prompt response.

Kind Regards,
Angie Christian

(See attached file: PRN_Invoice.pdf)

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