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As the local chapter President of NY/NJ Metro (local board) we constantly
trying new things to expand, grow. To do so requires a local mission (in
line and expanding local regional issues with the global one) as well as
roles and responsibilities to keep people involved, motivated in pulling in
the same direction as a team (Key: in their spare time)
At OWASP Foundation (Board level) we have the page that defines who the
people are and how to contact them... but not all of them have the detail
that is needed concerning their role (including myself that is "governance")
hence what I am now defining see for yourself at:
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Contact is it accurate does it comply with a
"normal business structure is?
I want to suggest that as agenda item starting with a review today and for
next weeks meeting that we as the OWASP Foundation board look at the below
outline and discuss its applicability to OWASP Foundation. (It works for
local chapter why not for global?)   In addition to the (5) volunteer board
members we have 3 employees that are paid to provide dedicated support and
work on defined tasks created from the membership fees of individuals and
corporate donations. It would not be appropriate to create a another thread
on the OWASP-Leaders list on this topic as I would expect it to stir up lots
of people..... but after the APPSEC event in NYC the 30+ people that
attended the leaders meeting, what the nyc event team experienced
personally, the emails/phone calls I got from, Jim, Tim, Justin Derry and
others this week alone... it is clear that we need to help OWASP help itself
by clearly defining people's roles, support structure, elections,
events/conferences, conflict of interest issues and governance. As a result
of the internal health check, publish a 2009 mission and drive it @
So, this is what I was asked to do in 11/2007'..... hence I am doing it
after observations for 8 months, and now that the NYC event is over and I
have some spare cycles - Portugal is the "summit" and I would expect to have
long debates about many things... so lets start with what many see as the
most important one.
(See below)


President and Vice President

The two officers, subject to the control of the Board of Directors,
generally supervise, direct, and control the business and the officers of
the local chapter of OWASP," with particular components of that
responsibility divided according to the talents and interests of the
individuals involved. 

The President chairs meetings of the Board. The Vice President functions as
the alternate when the President is unable to attend local meetings.


The Secretary has the following responsibilities according to the bylaws and
the practice of the organization:

§ Writing and preserving minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors.

§ Managing the election of new officers and Board members and giving
appropriate notice of any such election or membership meeting to the

§ Maintaining communication between the Board of Directors, and the Board

§ Overseeing the local membership records and meeting attendee records.


The Treasurer has the following responsibilities:

§ Maintaining overall responsibility for the accounts of the local chapter,
ensuring we do not exceed our budget. 

§ Working with OWASP Foundation staff to manage local event corporate
sponsorship and individual membership.

§ Preparing, in conjunction with the staff and the Finance Committee, a
budget for Board approval prior to the beginning of each fiscal year. 


Directors-at-Large have no special responsibilities beyond those of all
Board members.

Membership Committee

Membership committee’s responsibilities include

·         Increasing both OWASP Local and Foundation level Corporate and
Individual Membership

·         Keep track of attendance of meetings

Event Committee

Event committee should be constructed of the chairman of each committee and
have responsibilities divided for the following:

·         Venue Selection

·         Snacks

·         Speaker Selection (All talks submitted for review 2-3 weeks prior)

·         Attendee sign in and registration


OWASP Awareness Committee (PR)

OWASP Awareness Committee is responsible for:

·         Information Gathering on local chapter meeting demographics

·         Work with Education, Event, Industry Steering Committee and
Membership committee to Increase OWASP Brand and sponsorship for Local and
International Events

Industry Steering Committee

The Industry Steering Committee has the following responsibility:

·         Work with industry leaders of the popular InfoSec / AppSec
verticals (Financial, Healthcare, Government, etc..)

·         Work with industry leaders of AppSec Products

·         This role will also help drive the presentations at local meetings

·         Develop focus groups of both Corporate Leaders and Industry

Special Projects Committee

Special Projects Committee has the following responsibility:

·         Working to assist the local chapter with the evangelism of OWASP.

·         Guide and evangelize local participants in (Summer, Spring, Fall,
Winter) of Code Projects.  

·         Members of this committee will assist the industry steering
committee by gathering corporate requirements and suggesting and organizing

·         Work with the educational committee to bring awareness to local
reputable Educational Institutions

Educational Committee

The Educational Committee should to local reputable Educational Institutions
to get a better understanding of their Information Security Programs and
analyze how OWASP can help them reach their goals.

Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee’s main role is to ensure the local chapter operates
in accordance with OWASP Foundation Governance program. Oversight committee
is also responsible for the feedback from the local chapter.



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