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Tom makes some excellent points here. If the goal is to get chapters moving,
then paying chapter leads to hold meetings has got to be a better investment
than paying speakers to fly around.  I also share his concerns about the
soft marketing angle.  Not that I think it's been abused yet, but it's kinda


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So as I understand the proposed program will require local chapter
leaders "apply" for OWASP on the move money for a event so that they
can use funds to help off-set costs for speakers that will not do a
talk or travel unless paid <grin>  (there is a assumption here that
local chapters can't find their own speakers  without cost from the
community that they are in and membership or their are speakers that
want to travel.

Would OWASP on the move also cover the costs for board members to
attend OWASP conference's anywhere in the world after all that is a
administrative cost to get some or all 5 of us face-to-face with lots
of people as a administrative cost.

Let's examine the reason that a speaker speaks shall we
1. To educate the community share knowledge on things that he/she has
done or provide education on OWASP as a example

2. As a result of being a speaker at a event, you have the opportunity
to be a subject matter expert on the topic he/she is speaking on (this
may or may not be true depending on how the quality and content of the

3. You get to write some code or discuss issues over a beer with peers
after the event

4. As a result of the time/travel etc., there is a natural networking
component with the attendees and SHOULD they like and trust you...
they may in fact do business with you cause (really this does happen)
so as a result why is OWASP paying speakers to soft-market  and by
association there business? Perhaps the grant program should only be
offered to college students, retired folks and persons with a .gov
email address (don't think that is good criteria but you see what i am


If we are going to do this,  the local chapter leader has to be
involved with this and then payment is approved and paid directly to
the speaker correct after he has evangelized OWASP at the event

Additional questions:

What qualifies a speaker? Must have a OWASP project to qualify for
travel funds (think thats reasonable don't you?)  OR  by default does
all OWASP board members and local chapter leaders qualify for this
program and we should post a wiki page of name/bio and topics they can
talk about so when a chapter leader wants to "pick" a speaker he can
look to the list?

Can that OWASP on the move money also be used as a thank you even when
a speaker is NOT TRAVELING and if NO why?    Case in point, my local
chapter is lucky and we have lots of great speakers in NJ and NYC and
would NYC Metro be able to "apply" for OWASP on the move money to use
as a thank you perhaps we do a  $100 gift card or something... or does
this "program" only qualify when a speaker goes to some remote chapter
in the world? Ok so travel is a $10 train ride or $30 parking
depending so why not reimburse

Example in NYC we have had Jeff Williams drive up on his own dime to
do a talk as there was value to do so at DTCC, we have had Yiannis
from London jump the puddle for our AMEX meeting, Robert Hansen all
the way from Texas at our Verizon meeting as well and many other
speakers from around the country FOR FREE  including Jeremiah who did
for us the UBS / ABN AMRO event and actually its part of his business
plan to do the "OWASP local chapter tour" talking at all chapters to
"spread the message of APPSEC"   I just have reservations on paying
individuals to do soft marketing, if the venue created by the local
chapter is a good one speakers and people will come. I am sure that no
one would have refused a $100 thank you.

This actually goes into another item concerning local funding of
chapters and how to get 1 industrial/educational host and 2-4
vendors to sponsor the local meeting via a paypal donation, then
simply do a xfer of the collected funds to reimburse who ever charged
the food/drinks/misc to their personal credit card --  This is another
topic (meeting tbd)

>From an accounting side, monies paid to a approved speakers for OWASP
on the move from OWASP Foundation will require a issue of a 1099-MIS
as a individual and tracked as a administrative cost from OWASP is
this correct. Then of course they have to complete a I9 and OWASP
Foundation will have to maintain these records.

All in all I like the program and think we should do it just have
questions on making it useful for ALL and believe its the chapter
leaders and annual conferences that should be able to utilize its

One thing I do see as LACKING is the reward to our local chapter
leaders - what has OWASP done for them?  Send them a shirt, send them
a gift card "grant".  Why not have a OWASP on the move $1000 per
chapter leader worldwide for 5 meetings between April 1st and Sept
15th and actually reward the chapter leaders or their hard work to
allow SPEAKERS to have the opportunity to speak.


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> ok
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> Ok, so far Dave and Dinis have agreed to the following updated rules.
> Jeff, and Tom - let me know if these look good to you, and if so I will
> them to the wiki.
> - there is a $500 max per speakers with the exception of a $1k maximum in
> special circumstances.
> - there is a proposed maximum per event of $1k, and an proposed annual
> maximum of $2k per chapter (* see 'further funding' below)
> *          The normal maximum amount per speaker is 500 USD
> *          Only in special circumstances the maximum amount per speaker
> be raised to a maximum of $1000 USD
> *          There is a proposed limit of 2.000 USD on the amount of $
> provided to any individual per year (* see 'further funding' below)
> *          There is a proposed limit of 1.000 USD on the amount of $
> provided to any event per year(* see 'further funding' below)
> *          There is a proposed limit of 2.000 USD on the amount of $
> provided to any chapter per year(* see 'further funding' below)
> *          The program will run for 1 year or 30.000 USD (which ever comes
> first) and then will be reviewed for the value and ROI for OWASP and its
> community;
> * Further funding: for active chapters or speakers who have reach the
> proposed financial limits, further funding is possible but will depend on
> available budget, since priority would be given to chapters below these
> thresholds
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