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we should add: chapters are encouraged to seek local sponsors to cover
speaker travel costs.

For the rest I am ok with this.







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Hello everyone,


Below are the rules that have been suggested for OWASP on the Move.  I
think they sound fair, but I'm not sure everyone is happy with them.
Once we decide on a final set of rules, I will post them to the wiki.




OWASP On the Move Rules


- there is a $500 max per speakers with the exception of a $1k maximum
in special circumstances.

- there is a maximum per event of $1k, and an annual maximum of $2k per


So, a chapter can use the sponsorship 4 times a year, with the max of 2
speakers sponsored by OotM for one single event.


*          The normal maximum amount per speaker is 500 USD

*          Only in special circumstances the maximum amount per speaker
can be raised to a maximum of $1000 USD

*          There is a limit of 2.000 USD on the amount of $ provided to
any individual per year

*          There is a limit of 1.000 USD on the amount of $ provided to
any event per year

*          There is a limit of 2.000 USD on the amount of $ provided to
any chapter per year

*          The program will run for 1 year or 30.000 USD (which ever
comes first) and then will be reviewed for the value and ROI for OWASP
and its community;




Let me know things everyone likes, doesn't like, wants to change, etc.
and hopefully we can get this straightened out soon.





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