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On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 9:44 AM, Laurence Casey <larry.casey at owasp.org>

> All,
> I am pleased to say that the mail server move was a success, but not
> without it's fair share of troubles. I have been dealing with small
> issues, most of which were unforeseen or mistakes  on my part. Here is
> a breakdown of the problems and the resolution.
> 1. I moved mail.owasp.org to google bit early, which caused users to
> loose access to the old mail server. This could easily be fixed by
> placing the IP address or webmail.owasp.org in the client, but I moved
> it back to minimize the trouble people were having. I will move it to
> google once I take the old mail server off line.
> 2. Migrating mail for users will cause them to loose the received
> date. That date would be updated to the date of migration. This would
> be better to have the user move the mail manually or at least make
> them aware of the issue. A work around would be for users to view mail
> with the sent date.
> 3. I overlooked DNS entry which pointed the list server to the old
> mail server. The list server did not move so all mail for the lists
> were held on the secondary server. No mail to the lists should have
> been lost, but delayed until I corrected the DNS entry.
> I'm feel confident that I have resolved all the issues and business
> can get back to normal.
> Thanks for your patience.
> --Larry
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