[Owasp-board] OWASP Mail Server

Laurence Casey larry.casey at owasp.org
Tue Mar 4 14:44:08 UTC 2008


I am pleased to say that the mail server move was a success, but not  
without it's fair share of troubles. I have been dealing with small  
issues, most of which were unforeseen or mistakes  on my part. Here is  
a breakdown of the problems and the resolution.

1. I moved mail.owasp.org to google bit early, which caused users to  
loose access to the old mail server. This could easily be fixed by  
placing the IP address or webmail.owasp.org in the client, but I moved  
it back to minimize the trouble people were having. I will move it to  
google once I take the old mail server off line.

2. Migrating mail for users will cause them to loose the received  
date. That date would be updated to the date of migration. This would  
be better to have the user move the mail manually or at least make  
them aware of the issue. A work around would be for users to view mail  
with the sent date.

3. I overlooked DNS entry which pointed the list server to the old  
mail server. The list server did not move so all mail for the lists  
were held on the secondary server. No mail to the lists should have  
been lost, but delayed until I corrected the DNS entry.

I'm feel confident that I have resolved all the issues and business  
can get back to normal.

Thanks for your patience.


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