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Alison McNamee alison.mcnamee at owasp.org
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Hi everyone,


I just want to get in the loop here..are these member packs going to be
given to all OWASP members that attend a conference?  Or will they be given
to all OWASP members when they join?


In terms of the items you are talking about putting in the member packs, we
already have a bunch of stuff (lots leftover from the Australia Conference).
We have some T-shirts, pens, screen sweeps, etc.  However, this is stuff
that we generally give out to everyone attending a conference.


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From: Deb Brewer [mailto:deb at lxstudios.com] 
Sent: Monday, March 03, 2008 4:09 PM
To: Dinis Cruz; OWASP Foundation Board List
Cc: Eoin; Alison McNamee; Paulo Coimbra


Great to meet you all, we appreciate the feedback...

Dinis, are you planning to have standard or premium paks done for May 20?
(difference is the sleeve, from a cost perspective we can't do the sleeve
for the standard member cost)

Hoping standard is the answer. :)  I'll need you to back out a schedule for
how many of these standard paks you'd like created for this conference so we
can make sure you have enough time to publish with LuLu the books you want
to put in the sleeves.

Or, if you think you'll need premier paks with book sleeves, please advise -

We also need a quick answer to the number of books in the sleeve per earlier
email. This will impact quotes.


LXstudios inc.

deb brewer
31 broadway
hanover ma  02339
781 826 9380 t 
781 826 9381 f 
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deb at lxstudios.com

On 3/3/08 3:36 PM, "Dinis Cruz" <dinis at ddplus.net> wrote:

Hey (OWASP Board) guys

Deb is raising some very interesting questions which you might want to chip
in with some extra ideas and comments

This thread is discussing the creation, assembling and distribution of OWASP
member packs (Deb is from LxStudios which is a Boston based graphic
design/production company). 

The objective here is to create a proposal for SoC 08 and have these packs
created and distributed in time for the next OWASP conference in Belgium
(20th May)


On 3/3/08, Deb Brewer <deb at lxstudios.com> wrote:

Hi Dinis, Eoin, Alison + Paulo

Based on the PPT - do we have three levels of membership now?

Standard  $100 - $2000 membership fee 

Premium  $3000 - $5000 membership fee 

Premium Plus (only difference is the extra free training course? Same Pak
content as Premium otherwise?) $3000 - $5000 membership - just checking

The names above sound like gasoline octane. Don't worry, these are just
placeholder names for now :)

We discussed the book sleeve housing 6-7 books, based on the PPT attached is
the sleeve to hold more than that (10-20?) that will probably be tough from
a construction standpoint. So far the vendors I've spoken to can execute the
10" wide sleeve to house the 7 books but I'm thinking wider/heavier might be
a problem. What are your thoughts?

Sounds good & it's easy to include a pen with a printed logo (any thoughts
on quality of this pen?)  I can come up with ideas if you give me a price

We can definitely do a membership card if you think that is beneficial.
Would members be required to bring member cards as I.D. to conferences, will
they know to do so? If the member card has other benefits (discounts to
purchase publications or other) - I'd recommend including member card in
Member Pak. Would the membership card have a unique member id number or code
on it? Would we produce member card 'shells' and you would imprint
numbers/names on to them?

Another idea for on-site member access to conferences is a lanyard that they
could wear around their neck -- "MEMBER PASS" sort of approach - ("backstage
pass" ) ---> this member pass could be made on site by your team (or shipped
to member when they sign up for a conference). That way they would have some
sort of I.D. on them if they forget to bring their membership card along to
the conference...


LXstudios inc.

deb brewer
31 broadway
hanover ma  02339
781 826 9380 t 
781 826 9381 f 
617 429 0600 m 

deb at lxstudios.com

On 3/3/08 1:15 PM, "Dinis Cruz" <dinis at ddplus.net> wrote:

> Thx
> To this list are OWASP books a t-shirt and a sweatshirt.
> At the last OWASP board meeting in san jose, the numbers we were to spend:

>   - 60 USD on the 'individual membership' / 'Conference attendee' pack
>   - 200 USD on the Corporate membership pack
> see slide 17 from my keynote speech at the last OWASP conference in San
> for a couple more ideas:  
> ppt
> Dinis
> On 3/3/08, Eoin <eoin.keary at owasp.org> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Attached is a word doc relating to items which should be in the welcome
>> and also the membership pack.
>> These are all open to discussion.
>> Do we want an OWASP membership card also?
>> I also want to include the OWASP Global Applicaiton Security Survey
>> I only need to apply for this via SoC to do this.
>> Get back to me with opinions,
>> Eoin
>> On 29/02/2008, Dinis Cruz <dinis at ddplus.net> wrote: 
>>> Paulo, Eoin and Alison meet Deb
>>> Deb meet Paulo,Eoin and Alison
>>> Paulo is the new OWASP Project Manager (the one responsible for managing
>>> OWASP Summer of Code 2008 
>>> (https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Summer_of_Code_2008) which is the

>>> program that will fund this activity) and part time OWASP employee
>>> Alison is the OWASP's General Manager, Admin person and full Time OWASP 
>>> employee
>>> Eoin is an long contributor to OWASP (multiple projects) and tried (with
>>> unsuccessfully to create the membership packs (Eoin can you reply with a

>>> consolidation of the last plan we had? thx) .
>>> Deb is a Director of an US based 'Graphic Design and Production' studio
>>> http://www.lxstudios.com  <http://www.lxstudios.com/>
<http://www.lxstudios.com/> ) who as an excellent 
>>> track record of 'getting it done with maximum quality and at affordable 
>>> price'. I recently explained Deb what we where trying to do, and see
below a 
>>> very first draft Deb's ideas
>>> The objective of this email is to kickstart the process of finalizing
>>> brief of the two types of OWASP membership packs that we need to create
>>> for OWASP members and one for conference attendees)
>>> Once we have this finalized, Deb can send OWASP a proposal (with 
>>> deliverables, costs and timing) so that we can present it to the OWASP
>>> for comment and then submit it as a OWASP Summer of Code 2008 project.
>>> There are a lot of details that need to be sorted out (membership pack 
>>> contents, design of pack, DVD/USB design & production, book selection & 
>>> purchase, pack assembly & distribution, etc...), but I feel that now we
>>> everything we need to get this done
>>> Eoin, I think this will finally happen :)  (Deb might be the missing
>>> of the puzzle! ))
>>> Dinis Cruz
>>> Chief OWASP Evangelist
>>> http://www.owasp.org  <http://www.owasp.org/> <http://www.owasp.org/> 
>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>> From: Deb Brewer <deb at lxstudios.com>
>>> Date: Feb 27, 2008 2:59 PM
>>> Subject: Membership Packs
>>> To: Dinis Cruz <dinis at ddplus.net>
>>> Hey D!
>>> ...
>>> Now back to work so we can all get some rest. ;) 
>>> I've begun the research on the member packs. Please read below and
>>> and/or edit for me so I know I have it right:
>>> Premier Membership Pack (this is just a prototype name, the actual name
>>> be determined):
>>> - (6)-(7) Books covers measuring 7.44" x 9.68", softcover: their
>>> together overall measures under 10"
>>> - we discussed these books going into a OWASP identity slipcase/box that

>>> could sit on a shelf for storage and presentation, with an overall width
>>> 10".  
>>> - other materials (t-shirt; DVD; OWASP Welcome Letter/Card; you had 
>>> mentioned USB [memory stick?] - please confirm)
>>> - quantity 200
>>> Standard Membership Pack (this is just a prototype name, the actual name
>>> be determined):
>>> - Bag, Pouch, Portfolio or other package that houses (3) softcover books

>>> covers measuring 7.44" x 9.68" equaling 2" in width when stacked
>>> Tshirt, DVD and OWASP Welcome Letter/Card
>>> - printed OWASP identity on package
>>> - quantity 300
>>> OWASP Welcome Letter/Card
>>> I will quote the OWASP Welcome "Letter" - I see this being a card that
>>> round, sits with the Welcome materials. Please let me know what this
>>> or card is to communicate. This will be heavy card stock and exhibit
>>> OWASP identity.
>>> Do you need help imprinting graphics on DVDs?
>>> Do you need help printing tshirts?
>>> Please let me know if I've left anything out. I have sketches of the 
>>> packages going to vendors today to begin the quoting.
>>> Book cover series writeup/brief to follow.
>>> Thanks!
>>> Deb
>>> LXstudios inc.
>>> deb brewer
>>> 31 broadway
>>> hanover ma  02339
>>> 781 826 9380 t 
>>> 781 826 9381 f 
>>> 617 429 0600 m 
>>> deb at lxstudios.com  <mailto:deb at lxstudios.com> <mailto:deb at lxstudios.com>

>>> http://www.lxstudios.com  <http://www.lxstudios.com/>


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