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dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Fri Jun 13 18:33:12 UTC 2008

Hi Kare, Dinis Cruz here (I was also with Paulo at the 'OWASP booth' we
set-up at the Polish CONFidence and OWASP's belgium conferences)

We actually left everything that was no sold/distributed behind in Belgium,
so unless Sebastien kept the OWASP banners we had there, everything went
back to the US.

For your OWASP booth, from the experience gained on the ones we recently
did,  here is what I think you need:

  - OWASP branded materials - The minimum you should have are the banners we
had in Belgium, but ideally we should  use this opportunity to create an
'OWASP conference roadshow kit' (see notes at the end of this email).

  - OWASP books: you will need at least 5x copies of most OWASP books (see
http://stores.lulu.com/owasp), about 15x of the 'Top 10 Testing Guide &
Legal' book and 15x of the Code Review one.

   I would recommend that you sell the books during the conference and give
what is left to key contacts and other members of the local OWASP chapter.
If all goes well you will have the same problem we had: you will run out off
stock (i.e. if you are not careful you will sell all books). SO what we did
was to tell people that they could pay NOW and we (OWASP) would later ship
AT NO COST the books to them  .

  - Paper forms:
      * Receipts for Book purchaes
      * OWASP Books price list and book order form (me and paulo created a
template which I will send you later)
      * OWASP 'Individual' Membership forms - 100USD  (for people who want
to join on the spot)

 - 50x DVDS with the OWASP website and tools. You can give these away and
show them on 1 or 2 laptops (Eoin has the latest version which is looking
pretty good)

  - misc OWASP goodies: 20 T-Shirts & 20 pens  - An idea to allocate the
tshirts is to give them to the people who buy the books (but of course you
can be flexible with this, and allocate them as you feel is more required).

Note that the goal here is not to make money (the books are sold at the same
price lulu charges us), the only reasons we have to charge is to cover some
of the costs, and to allow a fairer distribution of these materials.

On the topic of the 'OWASP conference roadshow kit', I would like to ask you
(Kare) if you have time and energy to make it happen. We have lots of ideas
for it, AND have the money to pay for its design and production. What we
need is somebody that takes the responsibility to make it happen :)

And this 'kit' is very needed for OWASP, for example me and Paulo are going
to go to the OWASP Conference in India (
and It would be great to have this 'OWASP conference roadshow kit' in there

Kate, from a logistics point of view, can you organize with Kare a full list
of what needs to be sent, so that you can order it and ship it (note that in
Belgium there were some issues at the Customs because not all items where


On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 3:52 PM, Paulo Coimbra <paulo.coimbra at owasp.org>

> Respondes a isto, por favor? Obrigado.
> Paulo Coimbra,
> OWASP Foundation Project Manager
> OWASP AppSec NYC 2008 is coming...  are you ready?
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> From: Kate Hartmann [mailto:kate.hartmann at owasp.org]
> Sent: 13 June 2008 15:44
> To: 'Paulo Coimbra'
> Cc: kaare at mnemonic.no
> Subject: FW: OWASP Chapter Pack
> Paulo, it makes sense for you to ship what you have directly.
> Kare, I have recently placed an order for books and other goodies.  Do you
> know what you want?  If you are looking for a large number of books (more
> than 10 or so) I'll place a separate order and have them shipped directly
> to
> you from the printer.  Just let me know what you think you might need and
> when you need it and I will do my best to accommodate.
> Kate Hartmann
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> 9175 Guilford Road
> Suite 300
> Columbia, MD  21046
> 301-575-0189
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> From: Dave Wichers [mailto:dave.wichers at owasp.org]
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> To: 'Kare Presttun'; Kate Hartmann
> Cc: 'Sebastien Deleersnyder'; 'Paulo Coimbra'
> Subject: RE: OWASP Chapter Pack
> Kate,
> Can you help Kare? Kare - Kate is the new OWASP Director of Operations. She
> should be able to help you out.
> Paulo has the booth stuff from the Belgium conference (I think) so maybe he
> can send you what he has from England, which is closer.
> Kate - can you work all this out?
> Thanks, Dave
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> From: Kare Presttun [mailto:kaare at mnemonic.no]
> Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 8:47 AM
> To: Dave Wichers; Sebastien Deleersnyder
> Subject: OWASP Chapter Pack
> Hi,
> Always nice to meet you :-)
> During the Chapter leader meeting in Ghent there were some
> discussion about shipping a package of books, live CD and
> other promotional material that can be used at a promotional
> booth at a conference. On September 1-3 ISF has the largest
> annual security conference in Norway. ( http://www.isf.no/
> has nothing to do with https://www.securityforum.org/ ).
> This conference gathers like 500 people.
> I'm allowed to have a OWASP booth there for free (since we are
> a non profit security organization) but need promotional material.
> Have you got graphics suitable for making a roll-up stand or banner?
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