[Owasp-board] Suggested OWASP Membership Fee changes?

Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Mon Jun 9 18:18:41 UTC 2008

The reason that the membership prices are fairly high is that when we put
them in place, we didn’t have the bandwidth to go after a lot of members.
We may now have that bandwidth if we wanted to focus on a membership drive.


I’m not at all sure that raising the prices will increase revenue.  I think
it’s very possible that lowering them would increase overall revenue.  In
2007 we received $72K in memberships, which is pretty low in my opinion.
Could we get >36 memberships if we priced them at $2K?  I think so.


So I would be interested in exploring a simpler less-expensive model


·        Individual, Education, Non-Profit – $100

·        Company - $2K

·        Sustaining Member - $25K (front page logo)


We may want to get to this over time - encouraging people to join with price


We may also have to do something about the logos on the front page. They are
seriously affecting page load speed.  Replace with Flash scroller?  Make a
single image from them?




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We’ve had the same fee structure for the past 2+ years and it seems
reasonable to change it to help generate more revenue for OWASP. Do you
think its appropriate to adjust them now or in the near future? I have some
suggestions below.


We could put these prices in place right away, or announce that they will
increase on some date, like Oct 1 or Jan 1.


Membership Category 


Annual Membership Fee 

Individual Members

Individuals who support OWASP's mission and would like to provide financial
support to our efforts. 

$100 USD 

Educational and Non-Profit Members 

 <http://www.ed.gov/admins/finaid/accred/index.html> Accredited
<http://www.ope.ed.gov/accreditation/Search.asp> educational institutions
and government-approved non-profit organizations that would like to use
OWASP materials in their courses, research, or other educational purposes.

$250 USD 

End-User Organization Members 

End-user organizations that use OWASP Materials within their organization.
Organizations with 100 or more employees are considered large. 

Small (<100) - $2,000 USD * 

Large (100+) - $7,000 USD * 

Consulting Organization Members 

Organizations with employees that provide information security consulting,
training, or auditing services and use OWASP Materials in their services or
marketing. Organizations with 10 or more consultants are considered large. 

Small (<10) - $3,000 USD * 

Large (10+) - $8,000 USD * 

Vendor Organization Members 

Software vendors that market security products or other software and use
OWASP Materials in their products or marketing. 

$9,000 USD * 

* Renewal discount of 10% applied if processed prior to membership


Here are some proposed price changes from me. Please suggest alternatives.
We don’t want to price people out of the market. I.e., the idea is to get
more revenue and more members, not less.


Individual Members – Same Price

Edu-NonProfit - $500

End User – Small (<100), Medium >100, large > 1000, very large > 10,000) -
$2K, $7K, $10K, $20K

Consulting – Small < 10, Medium <50, Large > 100, very large > 500) - $3K,
$7K, $10K, $20K

Vendors – Small annual revenue < $50M, Large > $50M annual revenues  - $10K,


Also, should we remove the language ‘and use OWASP Materials in their 
the Consulting and Vendor Org 




p.s. Dinis – I know you want Microsoft to contribute more than $9K. They are
talking about contributing $9K plus  ¼ of a full time developer plus some
significant content. That’s worth more like the $50K you are hoping for, but
it’s not all cash, which to me is fine.

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