[Owasp-board] Membership Numbers for May

Alison McNamee alison.mcnamee at owasp.org
Mon Jun 2 14:51:51 UTC 2008

Below are the membership numbers for the month of May:




Total Number of Individual Memberships: 136



New Memberships in May: 17


            Renewals in May: 0


            May Income from Individual  Memberships: $1,700






Number of Education/Non Profit Memberships: 7



            New Memberships in May: 2


            Renewals in May: 1


            May Income from Non Profit Memberships: $750






Number of Corporate Memberships: 35



            New Memberships in May: 3


            Renewals in May: 1


            May Income from Corporate Memberships: $22,000





Total Income for May: $24,450.00




*Please note that the income stated has not necessarily been received by
OWASP (ie: awaiting wire)*







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