[Owasp-board] FW: State of Mississippi

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I have updated the membership change.



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I'm OK with this.


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Anyone have an objection to adding "Government Agencies" to the $250
membership level?  I did a bit of research and it seems that many
organizations combine education/non-profit/government into a single
membership category.  I think it makes sense to offer agencies a steep
discount as our contribution to their public service missions.




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I am an employee of the State of Mississippi Information Technology Services
Division and interested in us becoming a member of OWASP. 
As a non-profit government organization, should I assume our membership fee
would be $250 USD? 
I would like for us to use some of your materials as guidelines to our web
developers. Currently we point them to your website for information, but
would like to include some of your documents and information in notes to

        Thanks - Mike Hatch 

Mike Hatch, CBCP
Managing Consultant
MS Department of Information Technology Services
Data Services Division
301 North Lamar Street, Suite 508
Jackson, MS 39201
phone: 601-359-1178 fax: 601-359-1394
email: mike.hatch at its.state.ms.us

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