[Owasp-board] [Owasp-leaders] Fwd: Offer for OWASP memebersfrom LifeCycleSecurity conference (8&9 August in LasVegas)

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Dennis Hurst is funding the effort personally for appsec as a grass roots event like shmoocon, hope, defcon, toorcon, notacon etc.. etc... He was asked to change the verbiage of on his website to "we support owasp"

Concerning my talk it is the same one I gave at the United Nations recently and at the NYC HOPE conference last weekend a overview of owasp that provides a overview of projects and goals of owasp.  Ivan is also doing same for wasc with me

Spreading the word getting people excited about it after the owasp/wasc Blackhat party we should have some more attention all leading up to the nyc con

Sent via crackberry call me at 973-202-0122 to further discuss this email.

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