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Sebastien Deleersnyder Sebastien.Deleersnyder at telindus.be
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What do you mean: Option A results in free downloads?

I understood SOK sells the results, not that we can do what we want with

Let me rephrase my question: Can we make the recordings available as
free and open source information?



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Yes Option A we pay 13k they do the recordings of each speaker and
deliver the content 100% and we do what we want with it

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Hi Tom,

So is this the deal?

OWASP pays SOK $ 13000 for them to record the event
SOK sells them (DVD or online) at $199 or $ 299 of which OWASP gets 25%
(after deduction expenses).

Is there a model where OWASP pays SOK to record and make the recordings
available online for everyone at no cost and at minimal cost to get the


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Board action required (yes/no/discussion)

The NYC event has a great lineup of speakers and if you look at the
agenda... I hope that you will also see that you can't see everything at
this event as there are just to many great talks and speakers


This brings us to the topic of VIDEO TAPING the event and then
adding the content to the OWASP website after the event.  I heard all
bad feedback from the San Jose video results so I wanted to search out
"best" for a professional quality job.

CMP Media/Blackhat, Shmoocon, Toorcon and many of the other "events"
are video taped are done by Source of Knowledge as they are professional
the job done and have the experience to do it right - See:

After talking with Michael Doane of SOK he has provided us with the
and after obtaining (3) bids this vendor was easily selected as the most

Payment is 50% up front and 50% on delivery within 30-days total cost
$13000.00 (option A)

Before I was to "sign" anything for OWASP Foundation no matter how much
money we have already collected for the event, I wanted the consensus
agreement of the board.  If you are in agreement to utilize this vendor
provide service to OWASP then I need agreement for Kate as Director to
process the contract and fax to #858-635-5974 to lock this on be Friday

Please review and advise.


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