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Paulo Coimbra paulo.coimbra at owasp.org
Mon Jul 14 14:03:19 UTC 2008

Hi Alison,


I hope you are well.


As you probably know, the time to begin the SoC's payment has arrived. To do
so, I was told that I should articulate with you. I thank your help in


So, if you don't mind, I will tell SoC's participants to send directly to
you their Pay Pall references. Please be aware that Dave has given
authorization to pay American people by check.


Regarding the payment methodology, my proposal is as follow:


1.	I created a SoC's payment link and I placed it here
> .
2.	With a double click, you will be sent to here
erm_Payments> .
3.	Please choose the 'Clik
hl=en>  here to edit' link.
4.	Your email password will be needed.
5.	In this moment, you have accessed the excel payments page.
6.	Each project has a mention about project author, reviewers, and,
under their names, the amounts to be paid.
7.	For each project, after the self-evaluation and the two needed
reviews having been done, I will request the payment. I will do so by adding
the date in which the payment request is done.
8.	The next phase concerns Boards authorization. I will ask for it. The
Board will do so by adding the date in which the payment confirmation is
9.	The next phase concerns the payment itself. Please, add the date in
which the payment is done.
10.	You have also a field to add notes to clarify everything you need,
e.g. if you have not paid all the team involved.


If you agree with this methodology, in my next email, I will send you off
the Pay Pal references that I have already received from SoC's participants.


Forgive me, Alison, please, for all this work but your support is completely
indispensable. Once again, I thank you.


Please drop me a line as soon as possible to let me know your thoughts.



Paulo Coimbra, 

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