[Owasp-board] Gem @ AppSecEU08 !?!

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I think it's great that Gary is interested in speaking. He's a great


However, we need to be careful about paying for such expenses here. In
generally, we don't pay speakers expenses and unless there was a compelling
reason, I wouldn't do so in this case either. We've never paid expenses for
a keynote speaker yet, and only a small handful of speakers were assisted
with travel expenses because their companies would not pay for them to come


I can't imagine Cigital would not be willing to foot Gary's expenses given
the beneficial exposure he'd receive by speaking at the conference.


Did you offer to pay his expenses. If not, I'd leave that subject alone and
if he asks, simply say that we haven't in the past and to be fair, we don't
plan to do so in this case either.




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Gary might make it to the conference!

We'll probably have to cover his travel expenses: but he would make a great
Key Note and would attract lots of extra people !





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