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Alison McNamee alison.mcnamee at owasp.org
Tue Jan 15 18:37:29 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,


I met with Jeff yesterday to go over some OWASP stuff, and he suggested I
put together a To Do list on the wiki.  This way everybody can know what I
have been asked to do, and  can help me decide how to prioritize certain


My page is: http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Alison_McNamee


I put a short introduction with contact info, ongoing job duties (things I
will do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis) and a To Do list.  As things get
completed on the To Do list, I will delete them off.


The only thing of note in the ongoing job duties section is the newsletter.
I am working on putting together the 11th edition, which is featuring the
Australia 2008 Conference, and the AntiSamy project.  I am still working on
finding the recent updates to the wiki (Jeff and I went over this
yesterday), and OWASP in the media.  Dinis and Sebastian - I had sent you an
email with some questions concerning this a couple of weeks ago.  Any
input/suggestions you have on this would be very helpful!  I hope to get
this out within the next week or two.  While I am still getting familiar
with putting this together, it may not go out every week.  But after I put
together a couple of newsletters, I plan on getting these posted on a weekly


For the To Do list, my current priorities are assisting Justin Derry with
the Australia 2008 conference (I have been ordering some supplies for him,
sending Invoices, paying bills, etc.), and getting together a flyer for the
BlackHat conference...since those are time sensitive items.  I have already
put together a spreadsheet of all of the local OWASP Chapters with the
Chapter Leader, and sent out an email to all leaders asking for contact
info.  I have gotten a good amount of info back, with some responses still
trickling in.  I have also already converted all of the presentations from
the San Jose conference from ppt to pdf, and am just waiting to hear back
from Larry on the best way to send those to Dinis.


Right now, the workload I have is enough to keep me busy for my 40 hours a
week.  However, as I become more familiar with everything (and don't have to
spend so much time trying to find an answer to one question), I will
definitely be able to take on more things.  So please feel free to give me
items to work on, and just let me know how high of a priority it is.  Also,
please keep in mind that the Application Security industry is completely new
to me, so what seems like a simple request to you, may require some
instruction for me.  


Also, did anyone notice the email from James McGovern about adding something
to the OWASP Event Calendar?  I am assuming this is something that I can
take care of for him, but am not sure where to go on the wiki to add this.
Please advise..



Thank you!



Alison McNamee

OWASP Operations Director

9175 Guilford Road

Suite 300

Columbia, MD 21046

301-604-4882 (phone)

301-604-8033 (fax)






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