[Owasp-board] Releasing HackerVacations to OWASP`

Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Mon Jan 14 22:40:45 UTC 2008


Please convey thanks from the OWASP Board to everyone involved in making
this happen. Ajax security is obviously a critical area and I'm glad we can
have a good learning application available to everyone.

I'd like to set up a project page (with HP listed as the project sponsor)
with all the details about what it is, how to download, how to run, etc...
I'll have Larry (OWASP's Technical Director) create a template page for you
that you can fill in with the details.  If you like, you can upload a zip
file with the materials or you can send it to us some other way and we'll
take care of it for you.



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From: Hoffman, Billy [mailto:billy.hoffman at hp.com] 
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Cc: Sima, Caleb; Sutton, Michael; Heineman, Kevin
Subject: Releasing HackerVacations to OWASP`


As I mentioned in our call, we have navigated the waters of HP and are
taking steps to get the demo Ajax application, HackerVacations, released to

It took buy-in from senior management and tracking down who in HP legal/Open
Source Review Board we needed to talk with. Caleb is taking over from here
to get the actual documents signed off on. Once we get things tried up on
our end we can work with you on how to expand some of the features, create
support content, lessons, etc.

I'm optimistic that we can transfer this web app to OWASP and help educate
developers while providing a good resource for pen-testers and web security
vendors alike. Thanks for your patience on this.

Take care,
Billy Hoffman
Manager, HP Security Labs
HP Software
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