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Also let's make sure anyone we are "sponsoring" uses the OWASP preso template and the talk will go to the owasp site.  Some people are resistant to this however if we're paying we can require it
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Let’s start with $500 for PDP and $500 for RSnake if they require it.  If you can get video of the presentations, that really helps us maximize the impact of investment in OOTM.  Thanks, 
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Thank you Jeff! I appreciate the response!  I don't need sponsoring travel cost for Bruce S. he is doing this for free :) he leaves here in MSP and told me he would not charge us anything.  
 I will need travel cost help for PDP and RSnake and also Ryan C Barnett has expressed interest. I am also trying to get some PHD students from my old school (IU - School of Informatics) doing research on Web App Security and Jennifer Granick from the Cyberlaw clinic at Stanford law school. I am trying to keep the topics a bit diverse but focus on Web Application Security too in an effort to attract more interest and support. 
 Jeff - let me know how we can go from here for the $500 approval - I would like to started on this for PDP and RSnake if possible. 
 Thank you!
 Kuai Hinojosa
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On Jan 10, 2008 10:19 AM, Jeff Williams <jeff.williams at owasp.org> wrote: 
> I am hoping somebody can help me to get some answers for Kuai Hinojosa, the chapter leader for the new Minnesota OWASP Chapter.  
We'll get this resolved today, as I know Kuai has been patiently waiting. 
> First of all, he has been asking me for some time now what OWASP's policy is for sponsoring speakers travel costs (for local chapter meetings).  He has Petko D Petkov, as well as another speaker, interested in coming to speak in February.  He needs this information ASAP, as he needs to let the speakers know. 
We have a program called "OWASP On The Move" to help with this kind of expenses.  I think sponsoring Bruce Schneier and PDP to a certain extent makes sense, as they're both pretty well recognized and I'd love to have them writing about OWASP.  If there's a way to get a video of their presentations so we can share with other chapters that would be excellent! 
I'm not very familiar with all the details of the OOTM program, but in order to get things moving, I can authorize at least $500 for Bruce and $500 for PDP.  If I find out that we typically authorize more, then I'll update that figure.  My apologies for the difficulties getting in touch with Seba who runs the program.  Now that we have Alison helping us, we may need to look into having her lead this kind of activity.  
> Also, Kuai has several companies interested in sponsoring his local chapter.  Jeff- I know that you said that OWASP allows chapters to handle their own finances for minor things like drinks and pizza, but what if companies want to give a larger contribution?  Is there a specific form that needs to be filled out? 
Well, actually I hate to say that I don't think it's ever come up before.  So there's no specific form.  I'm sure that Alison and Dave can work out a way to track these funds.  If you'd like to create an account and keep these funds for local events – that's fine for now. 
> I have copied Kuai on this, so please either respond to all with answers to these questions….or just respond directly to me, and I will pass the info on to Kuai. 
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