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Sebastien Deleersnyder Sebastien.Deleersnyder at telindus.be
Tue Jan 8 10:16:29 UTC 2008

Ok for me, but you get a lot of categories this way.

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I'd recommend creating another category, Government Entities, with
different size levels, Maybe the same as the End-User Org sizes, and
then propose prices of

Maybe $1000 and $3000?


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Hey - here's a good boundary case.  This organization is clearly not a
501c3 not-for-profit.  What do you all think?  Here's the relevant part
of the Membership page...

Membership Category 


Annual Membership Fee 

Individual Members

Individuals who support OWASP's mission and would like to provide
financial support to our efforts. 

$100 USD 

Educational and Non-Profit Members 

Accredited <http://www.ed.gov/admins/finaid/accred/index.html>
educational institutions
<http://www.ope.ed.gov/accreditation/Search.asp>  and
government-approved non-profit organizations that would like to use
OWASP materials in their courses, research, or other educational

$250 USD 

End-User Organization Members 

End-user organizations that use OWASP Materials within their
organization. Organizations with 100 or more employees are considered

Small (<100) - $2,000 USD 

Large (100+) - $7,000 USD 

Consulting Organization Members 

Organizations with employees that provide information security
consulting, training, or auditing services and use OWASP Materials in
their services or marketing. Organizations with 10 or more consultants
are considered large. 

Small (<10) - $3,000 USD 

Large (10+) - $8,000 USD 

Vendor Organization Members 

Software vendors that market security products or other software and use
OWASP Materials in their products or marketing. 

$9,000 USD 

My vote is to tell them to join as individuals or they can join for
$7000.  Shame on them for not supporting us J



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I had attended the OWASP conference in San Jose this year and I had
questioned one of your staff about joining. I received some information
from him stating that my organization could join at the $250 membership
fee. I work for the State of Oregon - Department of Human Services. We
are a government entity and as such are a non-profit organization. We
would like to become members but there is no way that we could afford
the $7,000 fee in our budget. I just wanted to confirm that we could
join at the $250 rate. Thank You.


David G. Stauffer  CISSP, CISA
Senior Security Analyst
DHS Information Security Office 
Phone: (503) 945-8868
Blackberry: (503) 269-4552
Email: David.G.Stauffer at state.or.us

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