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Fri Feb 29 14:49:48 UTC 2008

I like where this is going. Here is what I would suggest:

1) Conference fee. Base price of $395 is fine. I'd like to stick with the
$50 discount for OWASP members model as that is already one of the defined
benefits of being a paid OWASP member. We can drop the early registration
discount if you'd like or push it out to those who register 60 days prior.

2) Training fee: I like the revenue split model, rather than the flat fee,
but think it should be 75/25. We sort of have an existing split model
because for every 10 additional students, you get another $1K currently, but
this makes it simpler. Training is a strong revenue source for the
conference, and to also make it more attractive to the training vendors, I'd
prefer to stick with the current pricing of $1350 / 2-days and $675 / 1-day
rather than lowering it. With the split, the instructor would pay for his
own travel, right? I ran the math and for 20 students, this is only $3375
per day, which is not much more than the $2K plus travel model we currently
have. 80/20 makes it essentially the same, so not much of an incentive.

3) Sponsorship: I like the incentives you are trying to establish (i.e.,
being a corporate member) - However, most of our existing sponsors in San
Jose were corporate members so driving them really hard to be members
doesn't quite seem absolutely necessary, but I do like the incentive so some
discount is appropriate. I do think we might need to adjust here though.  In
San Jose - it was $4K for a booth, or $4K for conference banners, web site
logo, and stuff in conference packet, or $6K combined.

So, we were typically getting $6K from most vendors because almost all of
them signed up for both. The model suggested below drops that down to
potentially $1K which I think is a bit light. I was also told by a number of
people that we could have charged A LOT more than what we charged in San
Jose and given the expected size of the NY con I think we should charge more

I'd suggest:

Booth: OWASP Member - $4K, Non-Member $6K
Conference Banners (near registration or in conference rooms), WebSite Logo,
Conference packet marketing slick: OWASP Member $4K, Non-Member, $5K
Combined: OWASP Member - $6K, Non-Member - $9K

I actually think we could charge even more than this, and still sell out,
but I'd rather take baby steps. For MOST sponsors, the above pricing is
unchanged from last year. Its only higher for non-members.

I’m all for the Bronze and Gold sponsorships idea as well. We just need to
work out what they get, and what a fair price would be for those options.


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Alison, for the NYC con on behalf of the NYC Board, what we came up with at
the local board/event committee level that is tied to the big picture of
motivate corporate membership of OWASP.  We have 25 spots for vendor
exhibits/tables so let's see if we can accommodate this type of model or if
anyone objects or has a better suggestion:

1. IF they are a corporate member of OWASP and are current on payment and
"active" status by 10/2008 then a table is $1000. (This means that they have
paid and we have proof in form of check and is recorded in the accounting of
OWASP's quick books)

IF sponsor who wants table is NOT a OWASP corporate member then exhibit
space is 3500 (get it?) This actually drives donations to 10k for new
members with more that 5 employees..

2-days of tech expo with food/refreshments etc in the vendor expo area and
we will do a see all vendors get card punched to enter to win a $1000
_________ (laptop?) So the value to the vendor is to have people stop by the

That DRIVES corporate sponsorship and is really the bigger goal as I see it
and this is SILVER SPONSOR LEVEL and includes all activities co-sponsor

Other sponsorships BRONZE can include such things as Attendee Bag sponsor,
Pen Sponsor,  Break Sponsor, Lunch Sponsor, OWASP T-Shirt nyc2008 conf
etc... (Still working out the details on this - ideas welcomed!! )

GOLD is for the BIG boys - $10,000 and this will be table+banners at the
event at and on the speaker podiums OR we name the room after the sponsor
(The Google Room, The Adobe Room, The Aspect Room :). Etc... We can do
something special here (keynote from the Gold Sponsor? )ideas welcomed


The model also works for training firms conducting classes, our committee
thinks a 80 OWASP / 20 Training company rev model split is motivation for
the training company for its promotion of the training and the event to help
drive awareness and attendees to both the seminars and training (to qualify,
this must be inclusive of course ware, training books and related materials
turn-key) we will be providing a classroom, internet access, power and AV
for each room

Training = soft marketing that converts to clients in the class room (know,
like and trust model)

On the cheap, training Fees of $500 for 1/2 day or $1000 for 2 full days per
is CHEAP for NYC so that can be raised or lowered -- end result is that
training is a partnership with training company/person hence we can keep the
costs low and reward full classes and promote appsec

On that note like discussed on the conf call, if we don't sell 12 seats the
course is cancelled (we should offer 7 classes and drop the 2 lowest courses
(refund student if needed or give option to move to another class) and we
cancel classes 60 days before event OR we use flex space if its a sell out


Seminars 2 days at 395 with a -50 discount for OWASP again paid membership
(we do not think this model works as we DO NOT require owasp members to pay
anything.... hence our folks think a flat price of $395 is very fair) for 2
days of exciting content and peer-networking in NYC. - the hotels are more
expensive then the seminars ;)


We want to focus on content and education - the hotels and food is
secondary. Its NYC you can get a hotel in NY-NJ-CT if attendee likes with
easy transport to event.  Food is all over NYC so if you don't like the
refreshments - walk outside the venue to the hundreds of food places.  

We will do a "break" for lunch for 1.5 hrs each day so everyone is a big
boy/girl + this is NOT RSA or BLACKHAt that people are paying $2k to attend
in a casino etc... We are about content at this stage.  If this event is
successful, I would be happy to run a event in Vegas next year :)

Thoughts? Discussion? Conf Call?

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Hi Tom, 
For the NY Conference, is there going to be a cost for the reception on
Tuesday night, or is that included in the price for the conference?  Can you
also let me know the cost for the 3 different sponsor levels? 
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