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Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Fri Feb 29 14:27:54 UTC 2008

I'm not worried about the budget, as it has been underutilized. We can call
it $40K instead of $30K, I don't care that much about that, but I do want to
set a model of spreading the funds around the chapters, so I really think we
should limit the per chapter usage as we have suggested.


I have mixed feelings about more $ for cross the pond travel. I would think
for efficiency reasons, we'd prefer to get locals come rather than overseeas
since its so much more time/cost effective, but if people are willing to
commit the time, then its simply cost, so I guess I'm OK with this.




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The idea that I had proposed when we kickstarted the OotM was that the money
we get from the website ads (about 4,000 USD a month see
https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Advertising) was DIRECTLY allocated to the
OotM program.

Which means that according to the
https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Advertising page, the current OotM budget
for 2008 should at leastbe  44,000 USD (or 48,000 USD if November is

Alison (and Sebastien) can you guys formalize this? This way there is no
more discussion on the budget and we can allocate those funds as required.
You will need to get formal OWASP-Board approval and update the relevant
pages (from OotM to https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Advertising and announce
it to the community (most chapter leaders are not aware of this program))

One thing that I don't agree is the 4 sponsorship limitations a year per
chapter. Based on the latest financial numbers from Alison, the OotM is
clearly not being regularly used and until we run out of budget, we should
accept just about all requests for funding (only then should such limits be
imposed). Remember that organizing an external speaker to attend a local
chapter meeting is not a trivial task and if the Minnesota guys can do it at
a regular bases, then lets support them.

I also think that we should increase the trans-Atlantic support (I.e. Europe
-> US or US -> Europe) to 1000 USD.

And when this takes off a bit more , and we start running out of budget
(4,000 USD a month  (i.e. 6 to 8 trips)) we should try to get a specific
OotM sponsor

Dinis Cruz
Chief OWASP Evangelist

On 2/28/08, Alison McNamee <alison.mcnamee at owasp.org> wrote:

I believe Jeff had authorized up to $500 to cover this cost, but we never
heard anything else about it.


However, we will have to make sure we are still within the rules of OotM.
Each chapter can only use the sponsorship 4 times a year.  We already
sponsored Robert Hansen to go to a Minneapolis meeting, and PDP would be 2.
Plus we authorized 2 additional speakers today..so that would be all the
Minnesota Chapter can use for this year.


Alison McNamee

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Subject: RE: travel costs


Don't know. Have to check this with Alison and Kuai 








From: Dinis Cruz [mailto:dinis at ddplus.net] 
Sent: donderdag 28 februari 2008 19:19
To: Sebastien Deleersnyder
Subject: Re: travel costs


Hi Sebastien

What happened with this one? How much are we sponsoring pdp with?


On 12/31/07, Dave Wichers <dave.wichers at owasp.org> wrote:

I believe Seba is running the OWASP on the move project. He would know these
details. There is a limit on the amount of funding per meeting I think so
I'm not sure if there would be enough to completely pay for PDP to go to MN
but it could be used to help I think.




From: Alison McNamee [mailto:alison.mcnamee at owasp.org] 
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To: 'Dave Wichers'
Subject: FW: travel costs


Can you please give me the details on the OWASP sponsoring program so I can
let Kuai know?




Alison McNamee

OWASP Operations Director

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Columbia, MD 21046

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From: Kuai Hinojosa [mailto:kuai.hinojosa at gmail.com] 
Sent: Monday, December 24, 2007 8:17 AM
To: Alison McNamee
Subject: travel costs



We have asked Petko D. Petkov, aka pdp (architect) to come to our
Minneapolis chapter and talk about Web 2.0 security. He gave the same
presentation in BlackHat this year.  I heard that OWASP has a sponsoring
program to help pay for speakers travel cost is this accurate? if so what do
we need to do to get this going for PDP? He has agreed to come in February.
Please let me know. 

Thanks for your time. Sincerely,

Kuai Hinojosa
Chapter Leader, OWASP (MSP)



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