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Good point below!
Candidate project for WoC08?

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So I've been reading over the OWASP wikis trying to make sense of stuff.
There's one big issue that I keep running across - a lack of specific
dating on articles and effort pages.  My favorite was the article
(http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Be_Careful_What_You_Say) whose lead is:

Hopefully, whether you are a Java programmer or not, you read Jeff
Williams' article last week on...

Last week eh?  Unless that wiki page was just updated in the last couple
days that's unlikely.  (Can a brother get a link?!?)

Just a point of order - remember that the OWASP wiki is "forever".
Projects come, grow quickly, and sometimes die.  I'd like to be able to
find out more quickly if, for example, LAPSE or Orizon are being
developed or if the eager verbiage on their front page is really from
and all the developers died.  Please clearly date documents,
code projects, and the like.

Just a helpful tip from a helpful tipster.

this IMPORTANT information is ENCOURAGED.

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