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Sebastien Deleersnyder seba at deleersnyder.eu
Sat Feb 9 06:43:19 UTC 2008

I agree as well.

I propose all board members (re)start blogging on http://blogs.owasp.org

People that are interested can point their rss reader towards that.


A monthly newsletter recapping the most interesting stuff and some major
announcements can be prepared online and send out to the owasp-all list.







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I agree that we should not send it to OWASP-ALL. I'd really like to keep
that traffic down to like 1-2  /month if possible.




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Hello everyone,


We started to talk about the OWASP Newsletters yesterday during our
conference call, but I don't think we ever decided for sure what to do about
sending it to the OWASP-All mailing list.


I finished this week's edition, and posted it this morning.  I know we may
decide to change the format to a blog, but I had already started this weeks,
so I thought I would just keep this one as it is.  Do we want to send out an
email though letting everyone know it is  posted?  I have gotten some
requests to be taken off of the mailing list since sending out last weeks.
Since then, Larry has added a footer to the bottom of any emails that go out
to the OWASP-All list (To unsubscribe from this mailing list, you will need
to unsubscribe yourself from all OWASP mailing lists you belong to...).


My suggestion would be to not send this out weekly, since people do seem to
get annoyed.  I think someone may had mentioned yesterday just sending these
out monthly..so that may be an option.  Just let me know.




Alison McNamee

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301-604-4882 (phone)

301-604-8033 (fax)






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