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Laurence Casey larry.casey at owasp.org
Fri Dec 19 18:18:05 UTC 2008


I am going to discourage pulling this to a separate location even in a  
testing scenario. It's important that we all concur that this is a  
solution OWASP is looking to implement across the board. One off cases  
never work! Before OWASP's infrastructure and technical support was  
moved to a central location, it was a hit or miss wether things would  
be working. I would like to keep OWASP headed in the right direction.

OWASP's direction is to build the Application Security Community, not  
setup services that are readily available and highly reliable.  
Motivation should not be the driving factors.


On Dec 19, 2008, at 6:41 AM, Dinis Cruz wrote:

> I think we should try this. We can for example use the Tools  
> committee as a test case. The good part of it is that we can always  
> have Skype/Gtalk as a backup plan  ;)
> Larry, it is OK if you think it is too complicated at this stage to  
> find a server at the current 'OWASP hosting center' :).
> I'll find somewhere else to place this box.
> Given Pavol's motivation on this, I think we should give it a go and  
> see what happens
> Dinis
> 2008/12/19 Pavol Luptak <pavol.luptak at nethemba.com>
> On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 02:42:13PM -0500, Jason Li wrote:
> >    One other note on this topic in general - the Global Projects  
> Committee
> >    used a Skype conference call to communicate earlier this week  
> and not all
> >    the members were able to maintain a good connection.
> When you use SIP/IAX2, you can reach good quality of calls even on  
> very slow
> Internet lines - it's only question of used speech codec.
> G729 is high-quality codec, supported by the most VOIP phones and  
> has only
> 8kbps. If 8kbps is too high, you can still use G723.1 with 5.3kbps.
> For more codecs see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ 
> Category:Speech_codecs
> (I suppose nobody here has slower Internet connectivity than 32  
> kbps :-)
> And there are another advantages of open VOIP over Skype :
> - you don't need any special (soft-phone/hard-phone) Skype client,  
> just
> use your Smartphone (Windows Mobile, Symbian, Maemo, ...) almost all  
> these
> mobiles natively support VOIP (SIP/G729), so you can make calls  
> directly
> from your smartphone (I successfully use my Nokia E65 and E61i)
> - if you want to make calls to international numbers, you are not  
> dependent on
> Skype rates (that are really expensive), but you can choose between  
> many
> VOIP providers (all of them support SIP) and call cheaply to the  
> other side of
> the planet
> Pavol
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