[Owasp-board] Changes to the Wiki server and Server purchase request.

Laurence Casey larry.casey at owasp.org
Wed Dec 17 04:11:26 UTC 2008


I did some minor changes to the server and would like to pass them  

1. I have updated the license and link located at the bottom of the  
OWASP site pages. We are now using CC 3.0, per Dave Wichers request.

2. The template for LuLu books was broken and has been fixed. I  
thought I would mention that you can not send variables like {{OWASP  
Book | 1234}} when using the Language Extension. They are not  
interpreted. It's best to but them outside the IfLanguage tags.

3. I have made some changes to server caching and should help improve  
performance. I noticed a change almost immediately. I will continue to  
try to improve performance as much as possible.

As for the server, I would like to purchase another server similar to  
the current one. Its time to migrate our current OS to the latest and  
greatest. The current branch that I was syncing too has been  
depreciated therefore making migration painful. This new server would  
provide a new home for OWASP's main site, ad server and forum front  
end once completed. The old server would serve as a testing platform  
for wiki changes/testing and additional services for requests from the  
website group. This would bring OWASP's infrastructure to 3 servers. I  
would like to budget $2000.00 for this purchase.



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