[Owasp-board] MediaWiki/Digg

Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Tue Dec 9 12:49:36 UTC 2008

Larry, with the hundreds of page views per day ++ at owasp, it might be helpful in a cross marketing / cross news population kinda way to incorporate digg into each project/page on the site.  

On local chapters if they publish an agenda of a upcoming event people could digg it

On conferences that get lots of promotion, if people like the agenda speakers.. They can digg it

Projects that are existing or new ones as they come-online can be digg'ed as well

The moderated news feed page has a summary of all useful information - easy digg

Could you and the new guy evaluate enabling this feature in the wiki or point out cons if you fell this is not a useful improvement.

We would want to lock out editing same way we did the paypal wiki donate button. The enabling of video has been really powerful globally so far and this may also be a community update that can raise awareness to the mission and give a update on the next board meeting

SlashDot / Digg etc.. All of them would be useful I would think. We certainly could suggest this to the Website project group as well - but from my review and playing with it locally it appears to be straight forward.

Thank you in advance.

Tom Brennan - Global Board Member
OWASP Foundation
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