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Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
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So tomorrow's call will not be public?

My question was not so much the "how to host the call" but "how to make the

I will be happy to post something on the wiki or send out an email.  The
dial in number supports international calls.  Skype works well too.  If we
are going to record the calls, then I will need to figure out how to do
that, unless there is a volunteer who already knows how this is done.

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We could use a dial-in-bridge that supports international and 2 primary
caller types

1. Speakers (board members)
2. Listeners (anyone who wants to)

Write up the action item results and post as we do now

* what would be the max # of listeners on the call?

Another option suggested was Skype and record the call and post the

Perfect item for the call to clarify :) and until then the dial-up works

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