[Owasp-board] Jeff's video for OWASP Day (to be played on the day)

Dinis Cruz dinis at ddplus.net
Wed Sep 5 16:37:04 UTC 2007

Dear Ofer (Israel), Ivan (London), Tom (New York & New Jersey), Sebastien
(Belgium), Mike  and Andre (Washington DC), Dan (San Antonio), Mike and
Scott (Seattle), Brian (San Jose),  Dharmesh (Mumbai), Mike and Sherif
(Ottawa), Adam (Phoenix), Andrzej (Poland), Jim (Boston), Bunyamin and
Ferruh (Turkey), Matteo (Italy), Ralf (Rochester), David (Houston), Ken

Here is the download link to the video that you all should play at the
beginning of your event


Good luck

And don't forget to update the
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Week_September_2007 page

Dinis Cruz
Chief OWASP Evangelist
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