[Owasp-board] First book orders

Dinis Cruz dinis at ddplus.net
Fri Oct 26 12:29:12 UTC 2007

OK, guys

With Matteo's help (thx man!) we have created the first OWASP book and it
has just been ordered from lulu.com!

FYI Here are the orders tracking numbers and cost

  Order # Date Status Amount
  2007-10-26  PAID  £12.64
  2007-10-26  PAID  £64.81
  2007-10-26  PAID  £34.44
The 1st one is for Matteo in Italy, the 2nd is for London and the 3rd is for
the Aspect guys (sent to the main office in Maryland). I will also send one
to Eoin once I have his address.

The reason the 2nd and 3rd are more expensive (note the prices in GBP) is
because I chose the 'create it next day option' which i felt it was required
for this proofing stage

To put this in perspective, if I was to order 300 copies for delivery on
Aspect's offices, it would cost a max of £1,767.85 ( £5.89 i.e. $11.78 USD
each (with delivery costs))

lulu.com rocks!!!

Very good service :)

This is the beginning of a new era of OWASP (humm...... I think we need to
start sponsoring a forrest somewhere or start regular Member campaigns
on 'Plant
a tree of OWASP' to compensate for all the books sold :)   )

Dinis Cruz
Chief OWASP Evangelist
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