[Owasp-board] 1st OWASP hire - Admin Support?

Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Mon Oct 15 19:09:47 UTC 2007

I think it's well past time that OWASP hire a full time administrator to do
a lot of the stuff that Aspect employees are now doing for OWASP.  Attached
is a job description for this position.


Given the interdependencies of all the various things that Aspect currently
does, and to smooth the transition, we'd recommend that this person be hired
and work out of Aspect's offices.


We'll plan to set as much up as possible so this person does work for OWASP,
is paid by OWASP, has benefits provided by OWASP, and only uses Aspect
resources when absolutely necessary. For example, Aspect can lease a tiny
amount of office space to OWASP for this person, can share our phone and
networking infrastructure, but practically everything else can be provided
by OWASP itself. My goal is to make this as completely independent as
possible, which would be much more so than the current arrangement where
Aspect is reimbursed for OWASP support provided by various Aspect admin


Aspect still plans to provide support to OWASP in the way we do now (network
admin support, overflow admin support, etc.), but the goal would be for this
new hire to take on as much of this work as possible. I actually believe
that this person will quickly get overwhelmed and would still need help from
Aspect, but when that person got too busy, then we could hire another OWASP
employee, etc. This is a way of transitioning to full time OWASP support
when the quantity of basic support that Aspect has been providing becomes
too great.


I'm thinking a base salary in the $30K-$50K range for this position, based
on the experience of the person being hired. Plus a set of benefits that we
would have to define.


What do you guys think about this idea?







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