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I don't feel that we should give them a free pass, but I am willing to offer
one 'student' rate slot at each conference (that's essentially half price).
The tutorials are already discounted from commercial prices by 1/3 and this
would be another 1/3 discount. We provide food and books and other stuff to
tutorial attendees so an additional person is not completely free to OWASP.
I think this is a reasonable compromise.


Do you agree?




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We (@ OWASP board) already talked about several variations of this idea (for
example giving OWASP corporate members 1 free training session at OWASP
Conferences), so why don't we use this opportunity to finalize these rules
(and Tom can do it since he has vested interest :) ). 

I think we all agree that 'giving' these perks to our members is a great
'unique added value to become an OWASP member' , so now all we need to do is
to finalize the package and put the details on the wiki 


On 10/5/07, jinxpuppy <jinxpuppy at gmail.com> wrote:

Dave, I thought I might come out to the event in San Jose event to
talk to you guys in person and some of the other key folks
(speakers/sponsors etc..) in regards to planning out the 2008 event in
NYC. When I briefly proposed this idea to my employer, cutting into 
their business the standard reply was - how much/how long?

based on what I see: $1300 for training + the $300.00 (w/early
registration) + $50 dinner hence total of $1650.00 + travel/hotel


So my response was $1650 for the event.

Responce was "Your a chapter leader and you spend a great deal of time
on the NYC Metro effort and AccessIT Group is a corporate sponsor 2
years in a row and OWASP does not give chapter leaders or corporate 
members any sort of a discount of any sort etc?  My reply was... let
me check into that - hence this email.


I think they have a very valid point.. So, If I was to come out and
attend T1/T2 or T3 taught by Aspect, I am wondering what discount I 
could get if any from the listed pricing to justify to my employer the
trip and show some sort of discount etc to get it approved?

Let me know so I present it, get approval and book the flight this
week and pay online. 


*NOTE - I think this another great way to help entice more attendees
from OWASP Chapter Leaders is to provide them with something in return
for helping OWASP grow like free admission to the seminars or 
something.. this gives value back to the chapter leaders that put in
the time to make owasp successful.

Please advise on your thoughts on this this one or call to discuss.

Tom Brennan

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