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jinxpuppy jinxpuppy at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 17:07:35 UTC 2007

Welcome Alison!

Hopefully you have found the coffee pot and you are ready to help out.  Can
you provide the following:

1. Your offical contact information (work address/telephone number/email
(guess we got that eh?) )

I am also new to OWASP Foundation as well (but not to OWASP started in
2004)... so figuring out logistics is a mutual first step with the global
effort and decentralized resources.

My info:
Tom Brennan
Home/Mailing Address: 6 Stone Ridge Ct., Rockaway NJ 07866  - Best number to
reach me cell # 973-202-0122

I will ping you next week to say hello and find out status on the requested
books for the 12/11 event and discuss with you the NYC 2008 OWASP Con that I
would like to get some of your help with.

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Alison is starting today as OWASP's first employee!

Her e-mail address is: Alison.mcnamee at owasp.org.

You might want to each introduce yourself to her, like where you live, who
you work for, and what you do primarily for OWASP, and if you have tasking
for her (she can add it to a wish list for her) we'll sort things out and
see what she has time to do. She can't do everything as my guess is she will
soon be swamped.

Welcome Alison!!

Thanks, Dave

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