[Owasp-board] Introducing Alison

Sebastien Deleersnyder seba at deleersnyder.eu
Mon Nov 26 19:59:33 UTC 2007

Hi Alison,



I am Sebastien Deleersnyder and just recently joined the board.

I live in Belgium with 2 gorgeous daughters and a lovely wife.

Started the OWASP Belgium chapter in 2005 and have grown it to an active
community in Belgium.

Since last year I have also become more active on the OWASP mailing list and
wiki to share our experience in Belgium.

I started the education project beginning of this year and tried to maintain
the OWASP newsletter (up until July).

Next year we are going to host the EU conference (which we already did in
2006) in Brussels.


Doing the newsletter would be a good thing to keep up to date on the latest
developments and changes.

Examples are online:


Other ideas on short notice:

For the conferences it would be interesting to have an OWASP Conference
Sponsor kit (ppt / pdf) that we can use to attract sponsors.

Similarly an OWASP press kit could be useful to use towards press / media


Don't hesitate to contact me per e-mail or call me on +32.478.504.117 (I am
in the CET time zone).







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Alison is starting today as OWASP's first employee!


Her e-mail address is: Alison.mcnamee at owasp.org.


You might want to each introduce yourself to her, like where you live, who
you work for, and what you do primarily for OWASP, and if you have tasking
for her (she can add it to a wish list for her) we'll sort things out and
see what she has time to do. She can't do everything as my guess is she will
soon be swamped.


Welcome Alison!!


Thanks, Dave

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