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Great first steps. Let's try to get a call set up sometime soon with Alison.  I'm around this week.  What are your schedules like?


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Guys it is a honor to be asked to become a member of the OWASP Foundation Board.  I intend to contribute with a focus on governance, membership, venue, sponsor and "backoffice" tasks.

Based on my perception and perhaps that of the chapter leads and members here is my two cents about the next few baby steps...m

Step #1 - Summary Email composed by you, david and jeff  sent to all mailing list by Jeff Williams covering re: successful event recap, 2007. At the top level a review and announcement of additions to the board and working groups and appointed persons and the goals would help the groundwork.   Posting of slides and video forth coming.

Step #2 - Dinis sends a note out to the appointed project leads and chapter leaders requesting a  written task abstract and 
plan submitted by 12/31/2007 for 2008 efforts.  If there is a commitment then a plan is needed to measure timeframes and milestones.

Step #3 - I will pull together the 501-3c governance outline and submit to owasp board plan for RFC 12/31/2007 and then impliment 2008 efforts and lock on dates for OWASP Con 2008 ASAP

Step #4 - David when the new employee starts, would be a good time to set-up a telconf bridge and  intro and discuss big picture and immediate needs to get her rolling with a few tasks.

Good simple plan to line a few things up for 2008 you might agree? 


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