[Owasp-board] OWASP at Infosecurity France Paris / OWASP France Chapter

Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Sun Nov 25 05:08:52 UTC 2007

Hi Sébastien,

Sounds like a great job at Infosecurity France!  Thanks!

1) I think continuing to translate the OWASP documents is a great idea.
Note that there is now a Google translate button hooked into the main menu.

2) Donations to OWASP should go to the OWASP Foundation. Chapter expenses
are generally directly covered by chapter sponsors. I'd like to avoid
setting up legal entities in every country around the world.

3) I think setting up a chapter board (check what the New York chapter has
done) is a great idea.  We're encouraging all the chapters to follow this
model as they grow.

4) Thanks for registering the owasp.fr domain.  We'd like everything to be
on owasp.org, but I think going directly to the /France page is a good idea.
Can you please contact Larry Casey (larry.casey at owasp.org) to get the domain
transferred and get the redirect set up?

5) Larry can get you set up with an owasp.org email address.

6) Please let us know what you're looking for in terms of promotional
materials. You should check out the newly published books on the front page
of OWASP. They really look good.

7) I couldn't figure out exactly what you meant with regard to BeeWare. If
they want to become a member that's great - see the Membership page for more
details. We need to be very careful about our relationships with vendors as
we must not appear to endorse any commercial products or services.

7) Absolutely, you can post the photos and writeup of the event. This is
great to show our community.  We're expanding the conferences page to
include not only our events, but to also reference events where we are

Thanks for the update - these are good questions for the leaders list.  We
can take the conversation there if it's okay with you.


Jeff Williams, Chair
The OWASP Foundation

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From: "Sébastien Gioria (gioria.org)" [mailto:seb at gioria.org] 
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To: Jeff Williams
Subject: OWASP at Infosecurity France Paris / OWASP France Chapter

Hello Jeff,

I would give you some feedback of my talk at Infosecurity France.

First of all, I need to thanks You and Michelle to provide us the  
totem and Shirts.

The OWASP booth and talk was sponsored by Bee-Ware (http://www.bee-ware.net 
) who has a guy who work for the WASP project and give us the  
opportunity to made this possible.

What I could said about this event :

- OWASP is not a lot knownd in France, and we need to do a lot of thing.
- I've got 2 interview on the booth: first from www.vulnerabilite.com  
(a big french site for security), second from MagSecurs (www.mag-securs.com 
, but not shure it will be publish something).
- In the talk, we have some big guy from french governement (one form  
ministry of economics and financials, one from health ministry). After  
the talk we have speak about OWASP, and they said that concept is very  
interessting, and talk my business card, form perhaps doing some talk  
inside their organisation (great !)
- I've talk with some guys at Microsoft.com and they said we perhaps  
could talk to the one microsoft event in Paris (call TechDays); I need  
to work more on this way soon.
-  I've got a good contact with some french big forum in seucirty  
system, using OWASP Top10 (but usign Top10 2004 because actually, we  
not finish the 2007 translation); and give me the opportunity to give  
some article/chapters in their book/site (www.forumatena.org).
- Bee-Ware enjoying my talk and presence, and give me a confidence:  
they want to hire me for other event to talk for OWASP (I find this  
great and helpful for OWASP).

What now, We (in France) need to do :

0/ First of all, I will need to make a French Official Association  
(registered in France, because some guys/organisation could in this  
way give us funds). In this process, I will to set me as the 'French  
chairman' and my wife (who is lawyer) as the secretary, and perhaps  
some others guys in the same time.
1/ We need to have a lot of document translated in french; we begin  
the Top10, and will work in this way for some other docs.
2/ We need to setup something only in french in the Domain owasp.fr  
(which I got registered); perhaps just some redirection to
. But french people are wery receptives for this.
3/ We need to go tho big french grad school to talk ; I got some  
contact in my grad school for this
4/ I need to go to some french non-profit organisation to talk about  
5/ Find more journalist, contacts in press to talk about OWASP.

Shortly, We need in France to structured something

And now, some questions to you/and board members :

- Could in this way the foundation give us more materials to promote  
OWASP if some others events come quickly ? And if, which ?
- Could the sponsoring of Bee-Ware have a mean ? because they want to  
do some other event
- Bee Ware want to know if what they made for infosecurity france  
could add their as a sponsor in owasp Web Site; booth at infosecurity  
France, is approxmiatively 9000Euros for the 2 days.
- Does it have a mean for me to communicate from sebastien at owasp.fr  
for OWASP community in France ? or is-it better to have a email  
comming from owasp.org ? And if this is the last solution, could you  
made something to create it ?
- Could I post some photos on the owasp.org site with the booth, talk  
room and perhaps me as speaker ?

Thanks for your time.


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