[Owasp-board] Volunteer plan for OWASP Conference

Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Sat Nov 3 01:25:59 UTC 2007

I'm OK with it if Michelle thinks she can handle this/figure it out. If she
has time, great. If not, I'm OK letting this pass for now and trying to do
it again next year.


- Dave


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Jeff & Dave


I would like to propose that attendees registered from companies that are
OWASP members, get a badge of different color. Maybe with an extra stripe of
Gold of just by using a different colour.


I think it would a good perk to also reward our existing members like that.


>From Michelle's description below, it doesn't seem like a lot of extra work
to do this.


What do you think?




On 11/2/07, Michelle Thompson <michelle.thompson at aspectsecurity.com> wrote: 

Hi Dinis,


Right now I currently have three types of attendee designations that are
marked by colored stripes at the bottom of the badges:  Speakers have a blue
stripe, Tech Expo Only have a red stripe, and volunteers have a yellow
stripe.   Did you have additional designations you would like to make? 





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To: Michelle Thompson
Subject: Re: Volunteer plan for OWASP Conference


Hello Michelle


Can you give me an idea of the type of badges you are going to create?


for example is it possible to have different color badgets for specific
attendees (like OWASP members for example)


Dinis Cruz
Chief OWASP Evangelist
http://www.owasp.org <http://www.owasp.org/>  


On 11/2/07, Brian Bertacini <brian at appsecconsulting.com> wrote: 

Hi Michelle,


Greg Edwards is planning to video tape training sessions at the OWASP
Conference.  When we discussed this last time Dave had mentioned OWASP could
allocate approximately $500 to help cover the costs of media.  I don't
believe we will need the entire $500 but I would like to know how we should
cover expenses.  Can we send an invoice to OWASP for reimbursement or is
there another method we should be aware of?  


As an FYI Greg has agreed to make all video available to OWASP.  







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From: Michelle Thompson [mailto: michelle.thompson at aspectsecurity.com] 
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To: Brian Bertacini
Subject: RE: Volunteer plan for OWASP Conference 


Hi Brian,


Looks good just two minor notes:  can you change Dave's name to Dave Wichers
and  I think we should add my phone number to the list (this way if anyone
has any problems or can't make it I can easily fill in the gaps.)  My cell #
is 913-526-5254.  One quick question do you know whether or not these people
have registered for the conference yet?  I just need to make sure they have
badges.  If they have not done so already, could you please have them
register as "conference speaker/sponsor" which lets them into the conference
for free (the photographer should register too.) 








Michelle Thompson


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From: Brian Bertacini [mailto: brian at appsecconsulting.com] 
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To: 'Dave Wichers'; Michelle Thompson
Subject: Volunteer plan for OWASP Conference 


Hi Dave and Michelle,


Here's the draft volunteer plan for the OWASP conference.  Please let me
know if I left anyone out?  If you're okay with this I will distribute.  





Brian Bertacini
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