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Dinis Cruz dinis at ddplus.net
Sat Mar 17 12:42:51 UTC 2007

Dave, over to you.

Cenzic is also joining OWASP as a vendor organzation


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Date: Mar 16, 2007 11:50 PM
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To: Dinis Cruz <dinis at ddplus.net>

 Ok. I have the application. We can do the PO. Who and where I should send
the PO?


Mandeep Khera
VP, Marketing
Cenzic, Inc.
Work - 408-200-0712

*Leader in Application Security Assessment*

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On 3/16/07, Mandeep Khera <mandeep at cenzic.com> wrote:
>  Hey Dinis
> It was great to see you at the conf.


 Also, for the OWASP membership do you want me to work with you or with
> Jeff?

You can work with me if you want, or with Jeff

 One question I had on the membership funds - can I split the funds to
> sponsor 2-3 projects instead of one?

You can break it in how many parts you want. We will those funds to the
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Spring_Of_Code_2007 budget and
allocated it accordingly


> Mandeep Khera
> VP, Marketing
> Cenzic, Inc.
> Work - 408-200-07
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