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Mon Mar 5 21:26:38 UTC 2007

I think this is a nice idea that will really help the chapters grow.
Basically, I see the chapters arranging for speakers and then applying for
the financial aid.


I think this could easily be extended to the conference, where people can
apply for financial assistance to speak at the conference.


I suggest we restrict the benefit to *speakers* and not just attendees, as
that could get pretty difficult to manage.


As always, I'm concerned about any burden that we create on the massively
underappreciated folks that do the finances, registrations, servers,
logistics, and all the other crap that it takes to keep OWASP running.  So
here it might be kind of a  pain to cut the checks.   I'd like Dave's
opinion on whether this would be unwieldy.




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Hi, I have another financial proposal that i would like to pass by you.

One of the areas that we really need to work on (from a leadership point of
view) is to promote cross collaboration between our chapters and to expose
us to OWASP projects. And this means face to face meetings. 

so, following the thread bellow, I would like to propose the following:

*	OWASP to use the 4k a month from website advertising to help OWASP
leaders and OWASP members to attend regional meetings outside its area,
where they will be doing a 20m to 60m presentation. We would cover up to
$500 USD per individual 
*	And (I was going to propose this separately, but actually makes
sense to be combined), trips to the OWASP conferences can be covered from
this fund (so Dave, that idea the I talked to you about yesterday would now
be funded from the owasp.org advertisement and not the conference)

This actually would work quite well, since it is another 'unique' benefit to
members, would help the OWASP community and it is using a pot of money that
we have just about 95% guarantee will be available (unless all 2007
owasp.org advertisement slots are already allocated)

What do you think?


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Us old farts from OWASP always like to travel :0) 

On 5 Mar 2007, at 22:57, Byrne, David wrote: 

> You're fortunate, especially if he's making his XSS presentation. It's
> hard (at least for us in Denver) to get presenters of that caliber.
> David Byrne
> OWASP - Denver 
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> Hello everyone,
> I'm a new leader of the Philadelphia chapter (along with Aaron 
> Weaver).
> We're kicking off the year with our first meeting tomorrow night
> featuring a presentation by Jeremiah Grossman at Drexel University.
> I'm very excited and looking forward to being a part of the project 
> and
> sharing materials and insight.
> Best,
> Darian
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