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No problems my end.


On 3/2/07 7:23 PM, "Dave Wichers" <dave.wichers at owasp.org> wrote:

> I'd like to propose that we hire him through the end of the summer. So that
> would be part time for about 3 months, and then full time for 3 months. If
> we like him a lot at the end of the summer, we can keep him on, but if not,
> then this internship would 'end' at the end of the summer.
> -Dave
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> Hi,
> Aspect got this resume for an internship and I suggest that we consider
> him for OWASP.  He's very interested in application security seems to
> have the right background. I'd like to interview him and if he's smart,
> humble, and gets things done, have OWASP hire him for 3 months.  Aspect
> will provide him with office space and other stuff he needs to work.
> Then we can put together a list of possible tasks and prioritize it for
> him.
> Sound okay?
> --Jeff
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